October 22, 2020

Cats the way to do it


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Humane Society staff member, Jatoya, pictured with Carlos

While dogs at the Humane Society have been having their day, in the form of regular dog adoption roadshows and fashion soirees, cat roadshows are a relatively new idea.

It was thought that cats didn’t like to be moved around as much as dogs, and would find roadshows too stressful. But when the first one took place last month at a space kindly offered by the management of Camana Bay, it proved to be so successful they decided to hold another one.

The “shop” was filled with orphaned cats and kittens, and some of them were allowed out of their cages to meet-and-greet prospective owners.

Humane Society volunteeer Jo Dunne said: “It’s a drive to offer people the option of seeing cats away from the setting of the humane society and we’re likely to make this a regular event.

“We’ve got cats of all sorts of ages, and we’d really love people to consider just adopting a cat, or getting a companion for an existing pet. Getting a companion cat was a worthwhile consideration,” she said, “because cats are sociable animals and just one cat on its own all day could get lonely. You will only really see the nature of a cat when they are with another of their own species. We also have available for adoption, cats with FIV (which stands for Feline Immune deficiency Virus) and cat leukemia.

Some had come to adopt, whereas others were just looking. “We’d love to adopt a cat, but we only live here part time,” one lady said.

Another caring citizen was busy filling in the Humane Society adoption form. She was adopting a lovely grey kitten.

Somebody wanted to get their paws on somebody else’s blue mouse

Aileen Samuel, who has been working very hard to finally get the Cat Roadshow up and running, said the event had been a big success, with a total of three adorable kittens adopted by visitors.

“It was very active as far as with people coming through the door and I think that was due to the fact that we were close to Café Del Sol.

“I think it’s safe to say that at least three families will adopt from the shelter.

“Again we are indebted to our volunteers who came, to the media who kindly gave us exposure, and of course to our committed supporters, Dart Management – as usual they had everything in place and made us feel extremely welcome,” she said.

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