March 24, 2023

Your country is begging Don’t take that boy’s life

How did it feel to take his life To rob his Children His Mother, his Wife   To kill a part of all who cared To rob the memories They would have shared   How will you feel Tomorrow or next When the veil is removed And you’re not so vex   How will you […]

The Problem of Reducing Crime

Twelve years ago the prisoners at HM Prison Northward rioted. Part of the reason for this was that the prison was overcrowded. At the same time, draconian mandatory sentences were being advocated, which, of course, would occasion more overcrowding in the prison. It was inevitable that more prisoners had to be let out early to […]

Justice Cooke is entitled to an apology, says QC.

Dear iNews, On the 31st August 2011, after a trial lasting 15 days, Mr. Justice Cooke delivered a reserved judgment consisting of 35 pages in which he found Devon Anglin not guilty of the murder of your year old Jeremiah Barnes on the 15th February 2010. Following the delivery of the judgment and speaking on […]

White Paper review

Statement in regards to the 1999 White Paper by the Hon. W. McKeeva Bush, OBE, JP Presented in the Legislative Assembly on the 7 September, 2011 Madam Speaker, I would like to take this opportunity to briefly address this Honourable House on a matter that is of great importance to our Country, and to the […]

Letters to the editor

The iNews editorial of Wednesday 31st August has a lot of untruths in it. It falsely claims that the PPM “have said “NO” to everything the UDP has proposed”! This is a shocking & untrue statement! The PPM have supported a few of the UDP’s proposals. For example they have publicly supported some of the […]

Bodden and McLean speak out

The PPM’s motion of a lack of confidence (no confidence) in the UDP Government is a political maneuver. All the issues in that motion are normally debated in the throne and budget speech which debate was just two months ago. A vote of no confidence may be very serious and damaging and requires two thirds […]

Rev Donovan Myers puts the record straight

I welcome the opportunity to provide some context and [hopefully] clarity to my reported contribution to your papers vox pox entitled “Do Bob Marley songs have a place in Church?” published on 8/29/11.  I am more interested in offering my perspective to the discussion than to be bugged down by the sensational, but I figure […]