May 28, 2023

Plant Health Directors from 34 countries meet in Cayman Islands

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands – Plant Health directors from 34 countries and territories in the Caribbean along with delegates from regional and international organisations, government entities and universities gathered here this morning to kick off the 7th Caribbean Plant Health Directors Meeting. The CPHD Forum will be held over four days to address issues relating […]

Controversial research claims blacks age faster than whites

From Caribbean360 CALIFORNIA, United States, Friday July 25, 2014 – A controversial new study in the United States claims that black people age more quickly than white people. Published in the journal Social Science and Medicine, the study found that the difference in age can be up to three years and could shed new light […]

Explainer: why does the teenage brain need more sleep?

By Michelle A Miller – Associate Professor (Reader) in Biochemical Medicine at University of Warwick, and Francesco Cappuccio – Cephalon Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine & Epidemiology at University of Warwick From The Conversation Throughout our lives we experience changes in sleep patterns and in the amount of sleep we need. While babies sleep between 16 […]

World Animal Protection to resume talks with Cayman Islands Government

From WAP Talks regarding the Cayman Turtle Farm to resume and coincide with a reception held by Conservative MP Dr Matthew Offord from the UK Parliament June 29 – World Animal Protection (formerly known as the World Society for the Protection of Animals) are returning to Grand Cayman to resume talks with the Government over […]

3D printing: now delivering ice-creams

From Designer Daily The 3D printing is one of the hottest tech buzz words nowadays. With several innovations in 3D from flowers to Nutella, now it’s introducing a new type of material which everyone screams for – yes, it’s an ice cream! icecream-schematic This innovative idea was discovered by the 3 Students, Kyle Hounsell, Kristine […]

Why are emerging viruses here – and why now?

By Andrew Shaw-Postdoctoral Research Scientist at University of Glasgow and Connor Bamford-Post-doctoral Research Assistant at University of Glasgow From The Conversation The US is on the brink of a new virus epidemic; a virus that wasn’t there ten years ago but which is now worrying officials. Chikungunya, which causes an incapacitating fever, is spread via […]

GM mosquitoes to check dengue menace?

From Business Standard A British company has approached Indian authorities seeking permission for technology trials of a certain genetically-modified mosquito claiming it will fight dengue menace. The modified male mosquito named ‘513A’ will have a gene that ensures its offspring dies before reaching adulthood (in 2-5 days) and thus control breeding of dengue spreading mosquitoes. […]

Total darkness at night key to success of breast cancer therapy, study shows

From Science Daily, Source: Tulane University Summary: Exposure to light at night, which shuts off nighttime production of the hormone melatonin, renders breast cancer completely resistant to tamoxifen, a widely used breast cancer drug, says a new study. Melatonin by itself delayed the formation of tumors and significantly slowed their growth, researchers report, but tamoxifen […]

If researchers are right, this rock will make solar power cheaper than coal

By Christie Nicholson From core77 In 2007, a student at the University of Tokyo brought a lump of a grey, sparkly mineral to his professor Tsutomu Miyasaka, with the hope that this material might have potential to make cheap and efficient solar cells. But it only converted 4 percent of the sun energy to electricity. […]

Citizen scientists to resurrect defunct NASA spacecraft

By Alex Magdaleno From Mashable For the first time, NASA has agreed to work with a group of citizen scientists to resurrect a spacecraft the agency is no longer using and has no plans to use again. NASA announced that the agency has signed a Non-Reimbursable Space Act Agreement (NRSAA) with Skycorp, Inc., a space […]