May 28, 2023

Foreign providers in the Caribbean: pillagers or preceptors?

From Eldis Cross-border higher education in the Caribbean Are the foreign providers of education in the Caribbean pillagers or preceptors? This collaborative paper addresses the growing phenomenon of cross-border higher education (CBHE), specifically on the trends of CBHE in the Caribbean. Looking at whether foreign providers in the Caribbean pillagers or preceptors, it includes at […]

COCONet Graduate Fellowships Fellowship Awardees

The COCONet Graduate Fellowships support students undertaking high impact research and graduate-level training in the Earth sciences in the Caribbean region where there is a significant need for more expertise and study to meet immediate concerns and provide longer-term benefits to the COCONet community. The benefits include but are not limited to, educational advancement, professional […]

iNews Briefs

UPDATED: CGU15: Scott’s brace paces Cayman’s second victory: Cayman 4-1 Bahamas From CIFA GEORGE TOWN, Grand Cayman – Captain Lauren Scott scored a braced and sent host Cayman Islands to the quarterfinals of the CONCACAF Girls’ Under 15 Championship, with an impressive 4-1 victory over the Bahamas. Cayman got off to a fast start, with […]

Permanent Secretary delivers feature address at Caribbean Youth Science Forum

From Good Morning, ladies and gentlemen. Kindly accept the apologies of the Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. the Honourable Rupert Griffith. Unfortunately, he could not be here with us this morning due to another national commitment. I would like to thank him for his leadership and support in the hosting of the Caribbean […]

Turned turtle

By Alastair Savage The gales had turned the Caribbean grey. Aboard the launch, the scientists huddled under an awning. Gusts swept through the sides. Drops beat down on the canvas. Water swirled around its aluminium poles. Dr Murdoch shivered as she pulled her sweater around her neck. It was the first time she had worn […]

Robot spacecraft snaps Uranus through rings of Saturn

By Colin Daileda From Mashable The robotic NASA spacecraft Cassini has been touring the solar system for 17 years now — and it just caught its first glimpse of one of the most remote planets. Cassini has been focused on Saturn, but turned its gaze away long enough to snap this photo of distant Uranus, […]

Robots score on a human soccer team, humans retain control of the world

By Dylan Love From Business Insider Founded in 1997 with the ambitious goal to develop a robotic humanoid soccer-playing robot by 2050, the RoboCup is an annual robotics competition that sees robots play soccer against each other in an exercise of AI and applied robotics. Each year of the competition also features a robot-on-human soccer […]

Local firm [Grenadian] awarded first compete Caribbean Technical Assistance Grant in Grenada

Bridgetown, Barbados, July 23, 2014 – Grenadian firm, Protein From Waste and Local Crops Inc. (PFW), has successfully won a bid to demonstrate the viability of small scale protein rendering for animal feed supplementation, using locally available organic and fuel wastes. This was made possible through a Compete Caribbean technical assistance grant valued at USD178,020. […]

Scientists explain mystery of our ‘lemon Moon’

By James Vincent From The Independent A new accurate map of the Moon has shown that it bulges slightly at one side and is flattened at the top and bottom – but how did it get this way? It might look like a perfect sphere to you and I but scientists have declared that the […]

Mediterranean anchovies caught in North Sea at Walton Pier

From BBC Anchovies are normally seen in shoals in the Mediterranean or other warm seas Shoals of fish that normally inhabit warm Mediterranean waters have been seen swimming in the North Sea off the Essex coast. Angler Richard Holgate, who has fished off Walton-on-the Naze pier for decades, said it was the first time he […]