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Jewelry after Christmas gifts that sparkle and shine

By Georgina Wilcox The joyous season of Christmas is steeped in tradition, and gift giving is one ritual that is inseparable from this holiday. Who hasn’t had difficulty at one time or another in choosing a suitable present for a…

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Christmas crafts

By Georgina Wilcox In many countries, it is a long-held tradition to gather with the family during the days leading to Christmas to make Christmas crafts. As early as the 18th century, society women gathered with their friends to make…

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Comfort Suites Grand Cayman ready for winter after major upgrade

GRAND CAYMAN, Cayman Islands – Comfort Suites Seven Mile Beach in Grand Cayman has completed a US$ 2.2 million upgrade of its rooms and facilities in time for the 2012-2013 winter season. “All 119 guest rooms and public areas have…

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CEC & CDF promote Cayman in SC

Cayman Enterprise City and the Cayman Development Fund hit the racetrack at the Charleston Cup in South Carolina promoting investment opportunities in the Cayman Islands Money, socializing and horse racing go hand in hand, so among the thousands of people…

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Wool is versatile

Wool is a natural fibre obtained primarily from sheep with a composition primarily of keratin, a protein found also in hair, fingernails and animal hooves. Sheep serve as the primary source of wool and limited supply also comes from goats,…

Fountains are a pleasure

I love water fountains. They can be located just about anywhere, take on any form and by the way the water is engineered to be released, are a moving picture of delight. From the times of royal nobles to our…