September 26, 2020

British Airways brings Master Chef to Cayman Cookout celebrates 20 years of flights to Island


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A380_&_Red_Arrows_-_RIAT_2013Jan. 15, 2015: British Airways has signaled its ongoing support for the hospitality and tourism industry in the Cayman Islands, partnering with the Governor’s Office, The Cayman Islands Department of Tourism and Flava Magazine in bringing a popular British Chef to participate in a series of activities around “Cayman Cookout” – a first for the event.

“British MasterChef: The Professionals” finalist Adam Handling, joined Governor Mrs. Helen Kilpatrick, CB., and British Airways at Governor’s House on Wednesday, January 14, 2015, in hosting a gala dinner celebrating 20 years of British Airways flying from the Cayman Islands to London, Heathrow Airport and the announcement of the victor in the finals of “Cayman Cookout” – a contest of six local chefs in training.

Diane Corrie, Commercial Manager Caribbean said that the airline was “extremely pleased to support the Cayman Islands’ hospitality and tourism industry.”

She noted that “the Cayman Islands has earned a reputation not only as an idyllic vacation spot, but also for its fine food and of course, London is the acknowledged mecca of international cuisine”, and that in addition to booking their travel on, or their preferred travel agents, the airline’s customers typically book restaurants, attractions and hotel accommodation.

Mrs. Corrie said that “just as Chef Handling impressed MasterChef judges in London, Cayman’s chefs in training presented with remarkable culinary creativity and this augurs well for the sustainability of Cayman’s hospitality and tourism industry.”

In addition to flying Chef Handling to the island, British Airways will later sponsor the travel of a local chef to work with Chef Handling at Caxton Grill in London, one of the prizes of a scholarship linked to the hospitality course at the University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI).

The prize was presented by Mrs. Corrie at the dinner.


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