July 24, 2021

Book tells motorists to Drive Safely in Cayman

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Graham Walker

It’s regarded as the Bible for all learner drivers.

And now well respected instructor Graham Walker has reprinted his popular driving manual, Drive Safely in Cayman.

With a forward from Governor Taylor, the book has been described as a “must read” for all young drivers on the Island.

As well as traffic laws, car insurance, and driving procedures, the new edition looks at the latest road signs to spring up on the roads of Cayman.

Mr Walker said: “Many of the road signs that students need to know will never be seen in Cayman – the sign for rocks falling down the side of a mountain for example or the plate that has to be on a truck carrying radioactive material.

“But nevertheless a driver with a Cayman license may at some time drive in countries where these signs need to be known. Over eighty signs are illustrated.

“At some time in the future when the Regulations for the newly approved Traffic Law are published the manual will be further revised.”

The new book available from today will be a great help to those studying for the Theory Test  and then taking lessons before taking the practical full road test.

Mr Walker added: “To all those who are driving on our roads you are asked to drive in a manner that you know deep down inside is the correct way to drive.

“That includes using the vehicles indicators every time you turn left or right. Driving is especially bad on roundabouts. But as we all realise, laws that are not enforced are a waste of paper and ink.”

In his forward, Governor Taylor said: “Although there has been a reduction in the number of fatal accidents on our roads in recent times there is still room for further improvement. We must never become complacent.

“This book by Graham Walker contains sensible and practical advice and I commend it to you. I strongly encourage all to read it and to Drive Safely in Cayman.”

Whatever you do over the Christmas and New Year Festivities make sure you Drive Safely in Cayman

The book is available at leading booksellers.

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