November 26, 2020

Keep businesses safe at Christmas

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Photos by Christopher Tobutt

Angelique Howell, Chief Inspector with the RCIPS joined Barry Dougall, Security Manager for Island Companies, for some seasonal tips for keeping a store’s valuables safe and sound.

Valuables couldn’t get much more valuable than the high-end jewellery at the Island Plaza stores, which is exactly where Ms Howell, along with several other officers from the RCIPS went to distribute some information leaflets and talk about how to foil those light-fingered thieves.

Mr Dougall, said: “All of our stores have excellent security systems, but its always nice to see the Royal Cayman Islands Police officers come and visit to reassure staff.

“Our staff are well trained, well informed and aware of issues that might impact on the business. They keep vigilant, and keep an eye out for fake notes, people who are trying to steal from the company.”

Ms Howell said: “What we are doing today is telling people that they are to make sure that when they have a large amount of cash they do not have it hanging around. Instead they should hire a cash transport company to deposit their cash for them.

“We are also asking persons to review their CCTV and make sure that is working, so that if something should happen, we would be able to gather all the evidence we can from these devices.

“We are also asking people to make sure you have all your security measures in place so you can check and make sure that counterfeit cash is not being used.

Behind one of the counters, Jamie Bosio, one of Island Companies gemologists, said:

“As far as counterfeit cash goes, we have the marker that you use for counterfeit money.” she said.

“I look out when groups of people come in and they spread themselves all over the store and they start trying to distract staff. When someone is calling you for something, that would be an opportunity for me to walk away and leave the case open – that’s something that you have to watch out for.

“Another thing is when you are showing jewellery, if you are comparing pieces, sometimes you have to be careful how many pieces you take out of the case. If somebody is a professional they are going to ask you to take as many pieces out as possible, so you can’t remember how many you took out.”

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