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Black Buffalo 3D announces partnership to bring 3D construction to the Caribbean and South America

Black Buffalo 3D NEXCON Printer Z Axis on Display.

EAST STROUDSBURG, Pa. and TRINIDAD and TOBAGO and GUYANA, Nov. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Black Buffalo 3D—a leading provider of structural 3D construction printers and materials has signed a strategic partnership and distribution agreement with Innova Homes Limited, a Trinidad and Tobago Corporation part of the Innova Build Group to utilize 3D construction printers to print high quality homes and create 3D construction based training programs for skilled and unskilled workers. Innova Build will also act as a local distribution partner and servicing agent for Black Buffalo 3D in Trinidad, Tobago, Guyana, and support the Caribbean and South American region.

The process of 3D printing homes uses a technique known as additive manufacturing where something is built layer-by-layer. In the case of 3D construction, specialized concrete materials are mixed at the build site and pumped to the nozzle of a large robotic printer that builds walls from the ground level to the roofline. This innovative building technique can construct all walls for a 40’x40′ home in 30 hours of production time and the resulting structure has properties that exceed the strength and resilience of manual place CMU block construction. The home is then finished by skilled trades that add roofing, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing which is then enhanced aesthetically to meet the home buyer’s expectations.

Eager students meet with Black Buffalo 3D and Innova Homes Limited teams to learn about 3D construction printing, participate in demonstrations and ask questions. Both companies will partner with local authorities to increase awareness and implement 3D construction printing into projects throughout South America and the Caribbean.

“When our teams met over a year ago, we each recognized synergies in our goals to provide attainable housing and infrastructure to areas in need. Team Innova has the experience not only in building homes, but also in constructing the necessary infrastructure to create communities which made them a perfect partner,” remarked Mike Miceli, CEO at Black Buffalo 3D.

Team Innova has over thirty years combined experience in civil engineering, mineral processing, construction, project management and financing throughout the Caribbean. Black Buffalo 3D offerings will enhance the company’s ability to utilize robotics, automation, and advanced materials science to create strong long-lasting homes and buildings.

“Undeniably, there is a regional housing crisis as governments and private developers continue to be unable to meet the demand for quality affordable housing in our region. Our team has been following the growth of the 3D construction industry globally for years and we are excited to pioneer the introduction of the technology hand in hand with the Black Buffalo 3D team to bring their equipment and innovative building methods to our region.  With 3D technology, Innova will provide not only quality affordable housing, but also middle income and luxury custom building solutions to the people of the Caribbean and South America” proclaimed Andy Salandy, CEO Innova Homes Limited.

3D construction is rapidly becoming a mainstream method of building resilient, sustainable, and efficient homes. Black Buffalo 3D is the world’s first 3D construction printing manufacturer to meet ICC-ES AC509 standards for printing walls that exceed the structural requirements commonly found in the western hemisphere. Its NEXCON printer is a gantry design on rails that can be customized to meet project requirements. It will work with Team Innova and local officials to increase awareness and complete projects that exceed local building criteria for printing structural 3D residences and commercial buildings.

Follow Black Buffalo 3D (LinkedInFacebookInstagram and YouTube) for updates. If interested in purchasing a 3D construction printer, materials, or discussing 3D construction, please contact us online or visit the Innova Build Website at

About Black Buffalo 3D
Black Buffalo 3D Corporation ( is poised to revolutionize construction and lead standardization and global innovation of 3D construction printers (3DCP), proprietary construction “ink” and 3D print construction consulting services. BB3D became the first 3d construction provider to meet ICC-ES AC509 giving its clients the ability to 3D print structural walls on demand. NEXCON printers 3D print code-compliant homes, buildings and infrastructure on-demand for both onsite and offsite construction.

Innova Homes Limited

Innova Homes Limited is a property development group of companies on a mission to create sustainable communities and infrastructure. Our services span Residential, Industrial and Commercial real estate development as well as Marine and Heavy Civil Engineering.

Over 30 years of accumulated experience enables us to provide competent solutions for various projects from conceptualization, design, engineering, financing, construction and fit out. At present, we have established operations in Trinidad, Tobago, and Guyana through which we support our Caribbean and South American partners. For more information visit; email: [email protected]; telephone: 1-868-625-4627.

SOURCE Black Buffalo 3D and Innova Homes Limited


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