September 21, 2023

Best places in the Bahamas for US Expats

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Undoubtedly, the Bahamas is a beautiful destination for holidays or settling down.  The weather is excellent, life is easy, people are happy, and everything seems to go a little smoother than in other places. This stunning paradise on earth is close to South Florida. Tourism surely makes the economy bustle, along with fishing and retail. More and more people have decided to move to one of the islands and buy property there. So which are the best places in the Bahamas for US Expats? 

Get to know the best places in the Bahamas for US expats

Officially the Commonwealth of The Bahamas has many diverse islands within the Lucayan Archipelago, and it takes up 97% of the area, and around 88% of the population lives here. There are more than 3,000 islands, cays, and islets in the Atlantic Ocean. Nassau is the capital of the island state of New Providence. So the ocean is everywhere. You are always in contact with water. Every island is different regarding real estate, population, and customs. Having done good insightful research before deciding to move in is essential. After you have made a decision, you should consider what neighborhood to choose, if you buy or rent a house and get help for the relocation. Experts from advise hiring reputable movers to make the relocation more manageable and less overwhelming. 

The capital of the Bahamas, Nassau, gets its fair share of tourists on an annual basis thanks to the many events and festivals it hosts
IMAGE: unsplash

Nassau, New Providence

Nassau is the most crowded city since it is the capital and one of the best places in the Bahamas for US expats. It is also known as Charles Town, a well-developed urban place with many attractions. It is constantly evolving, and there are always events or festivals to attend, many shows, and uncountable things to do – also commercial activities, of course.

Since the 1950’, the various settlements have developed so much that Nassau covers the entire island of New Providence. The cost of living is high since it is the center of the Bahamas, and most goods are shipped in, making it even higher. But a good job will balance it, and you can enjoy it here. Renting options are limited, but everything is close, so never far from the beach. You can go first on holiday and try some residential areas. For long terms stays, it is advisable to live in rented apartments or even shared flats. 

In any case, Nassau is the best place to live in the Bahamas. It is lively and international, people are welcoming, and there are many options to have fun. 

Freeport and Lucaya, Grand Bahama Island

Another stunning island in the Bahamas is Grand Bahama Island. It is bigger and less populated than New Providence. After Nassau, Freeport is the second-largest city in the Bahamas. Like New Providence, it is also bustling, but it is destined more for those who want to stay active, with fewer commercial activities. 

There are a lot of sporting activities, and the exotic paradisiacal beaches attract people with many resorts nearby. 

Tourism is the main occupation here; people work more in hospitality, and the economy is based on it. As the island is also not far from Miami, few people decide to move here from Florida, making the two states interact very often. 

Grand Bahama Island is one of the best places in the Bahamas for US expats IMAGE: pixabay

Out Islands – Eleuthera, Abacos, Exuma

Out islands are also known as Family Islands (referred to by the natives mostly). They are different and the pure expression of the Bahamas, the island life – blue, sunny, tanned. The most representative ones are:

  • Eleuthera: the name is as idyllic as a Greek island and is also on the top of the list of the best places in the Bahamas for US expats. Retired people and families with children mainly inhabit it. It is calmer, there are not many interactive activities here, but it is less expensive. Also, it is very safe and gives you the impression of a small village because everyone knows everyone. 
  • Abacos: this island is similar to Eleuthera. It is calm and inhabited by large families and enthusiasts of outdoor pursuits, such as boating and golf. Very comfortable and safe, natives are extremely friendly and welcoming with the tourists. 
  • Exuma: it is not as well established as Eleuthera or Abaco, but living here, it looks like an ongoing vacation. The minimal style is representative, and you can see the famous swimming pigs on Big Major Cay. Also, expectedly there are many spectacular places to go diving—very serene, beautiful, undisturbed, and relatively affordable, thanks to the low tax system for foreigners.

As these three places attract more and more people to move here, one crucial aspect many do not think of it first is transportation. So, if you decide to move to the Bahamas from the US, find the best international moving team. Even if interstate relocations are sometimes tricky, an experienced team can make it simple and fast. 

 If you visit Exuma, you will have the unique opportunity to swim with the famous pigs. IMAGE: unsplash

Paradise Island

Formerly called ‘hog island’ because of wild hogs from the past, now it is a lovely dreamy island close to Nassau. Best known for the Atlantis Resort, this island is mostly dedicated to tourists and private owners. Consequently, it is instead an expensive place, with buildings having structures as casinos. 

Nightlife here is fantastic, and restaurants are ‘pos.’. The island has many activities and many commercial areas to offer.  It is attractive because of its cosmopolitan side, golf, and social interaction.

Navigating this island is quite a spoiling thing. 

All in all …

You are in for a sweet, delightful treat if you consider moving to one of the best places in the Bahamas for US expats. Sunny weather all year long, tropical beaches, light-blue waters, serene places – the dream! But there are also many other things you must consider before making the decision. Think about your priorities – the Bahamas are known for not being cheap. Like any other place, nothing is perfect. There are many pros – people, beautiful scenery, taxation, even the language, and cons – some places might not be the safest as you expect, work permits, and transportation.

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