December 4, 2023

How to buy property in the Bahamas as a foreigner

The Bahamas at night

Many great reasons drive people to the Bahamas. Excellent weather conditions over the year, friendly people, and a very relaxed lifestyle are just some of them. These beautiful islands are home to many Americans and other expats as well. The Bahamas are an excellent place for investment and business opportunities due to the numerous tax advantages for its residents. This is one of the countless reasons, besides the natural beauty, why people choose to buy property there. Undoubtedly, acquiring a piece of land or property can be crucial for foreigners to get citizenship. Although this may seem not an easy task, this article will discuss how to buy property in the Bahamas as a foreigner.

What to expect when buying property in the Bahamas

Before we dive deeper into how to buy property in the Bahamas, let’s take a quick look at what you can expect when tackling this issue. Be you a foreigner or not, there are a couple of things that you should worry about. You will have to think about:

  • fees and permits
  • costs
  • financing
  • insurance
  • property taxes
  • special non-residential permits
  • other rules

As you can tell, a dozen factors can contribute to your future investment in the Bahamas, be you a foreigner or a local. Buying real estate in the Bahamas is a full-time commitment, and there is no doubt about it. According to experts at, you will have to dedicate all of your time to see this process through.

When buying a property in the Bahamas consider many factors such as fees, costs, insurance and property tax

Fees and permits when buying property in the Bahamas as a Foreigner

If you want to buy property in the Bahamas as a foreigner, there are several key issues that you will need to address. On the good side, since 1994, the government has removed many restrictions placed on non-citizens who want to buy real estate in the Bahamas. However, when starting your journey, you must have your purchase registered at the Prime Minister’s Office. This process includes submitting proof of ownership, property tax payments, and fees. The following conditions might complicate the purchase of property in the Bahamas for non-residents:

  • you want to rent your property
  • purchasing an area larger than two acres
  • you plan on developing the purchased area

You must register with the Foreign Investment Board if none of those conditions apply to you. When this is all done, there is only one more step left for you to do. According to the current state law, you need a 90-day permit to reside in the Bahamas. Although the permit for stay is necessary, buying a house in the Bahamas qualifies you for the 90-day stay permit. The bottom line is preparation when moving to the Bahamas is the key to success.

Fees are a crucial part of planning to buy a property in the Bahamas as a foreigner

How to Buy Property

Since we have been discussing specific permits and fees, it should be the right time to talk a little bit about your real estate purchase planning and execution. Having a solid plan can be of utmost importance before starting your journey. Good planning is the very key to success. A little bit of research on the field goes well along the way and paves a straight road for the execution. Another thing that you will need to think about is the timeline. Since the flux of the market is mostly unpredictable, it is very hard to set a specific deadline. It can also be very dangerous to plan your move for a fixed date before you have purchased the property. Experts at Heart Moving Manhattan point out that one of the most important things to look for when wanting to buy property in the Bahamas as a foreigner is the cost and location. These are the key factors you should consider when starting the buying process, and you shouldn’t take them lightly.

Insurance when buying a property in the Bahamas

Many foreigners interested in buying property in the Bahamas wonder do they need insurance for purchasing a property. The quick answer is no. US title insurance used to protect buyers against financial loss is not necessary for the Bahamas. Interestingly enough, it is not even commonly used. Your attorney is responsible for all the legal actions, including confirming the validity of the property title. This can be an excellent opportunity to hire a real estate lawyer. Some companies offer title insurance, and they usually work with the clients of the banks that require them to have these when buying property.

Moving to the Bahamas

Moving to the Bahamas can be a fun but challenging experience. Preparation is the key when planning an international move, and to get there safely and quickly, asking for help from experienced and reliable movers can be the key to success. Moving by yourself, without any help, can be a complicated process. Acquiring help from experts gives you the edge over doing everything alone. They are fast, reliable, and punctual. But most importantly they save you money and time that you can dedicate to other more critical issues like sorting out the paperwork and making sure you negotiate the purchase of your new property.

Property tax in the Bahamas as a foreigner

One of the most posed questions when buying a property in the Bahamas as a foreigner is how to handle property tax. There are a couple of things to know. First, property valuations to determine tax obligations can be initiated by either the Bahamian Real Property Tax Unit or a property owner. Second, you will need to apply to get visited by the Bahamas property appraiser. And finally, property tax bills are sent in October annually and are due at the end of the year.

Think about taxes when buying a property in the Bahamas.

Closing thoughts

In this article, we have discussed some key factors in how to buy property in the Bahamas as a foreigner. Before starting the journey, you should plan and gather all the necessary research, such as the market state, cost, location, and financing. These crucial factors can greatly determine if and how you will acquire property in the Bahamas. Also, look at the weather conditions in the desired region, as it can also influence your decision. Hopefully, this article is helping you make a good decision when starting a journey of buying a property in the Bahamas as a foreigner.


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