May 11, 2021

Belize: Chief Ed. – Nazarene High students should not have been sent home

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From 7News Belize

Earlier this week, we told you all about the two dozen or so students that were locked out of Nazarene High because their hair wasn’t short enough.

It’s sparked a lot of debate in the public on whether the school went too far in enforcing its code for dress and appearance.

But, according to the Chief education Officer – there can be no debate: it’s as simple as this: children should not be sent home from school:…

Carol Babb, Chief Education Officer
“But I don’t think the school should have sent home the children. There is a policy that if children come to school, when children come to school, they should not be sent home without the permission and knowledge of parents. So, if the principal felt that the children were properly warned about their haircut, I haven’t had a chance to look into their education rules on haircut, but those children should not have been sent home without the permission and knowledge of parents. If they wanted to send home the children for any reason, those parents should have been there because if anything had happened to those children, they would have been responsible. Well, honestly I don’t think the principal and the administration used their best judgment. And we have warned schools that they should avoid sending children home for whatever reason. Maybe what they could have done is put the children in another classroom and deal with the issue but do not send home the children.”

“There is this situation involving; I think it is Ecumenical School down south, in that ruling the court said the student could have long hair as long as it was kept in a tidy fashion etcetera. So, are we violating students’ human rights in this case? Do you consider that times have changed?”

According to Babb, all school rules must be sent to district education council for approval – she is not sure if Nazarene’s rules were sent.

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