April 9, 2020

Athletes’ Cardboard beds


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Check Out the Cardboard Beds Tokyo 2020 Athletes Will Sleep On

By Alexandra Alexa From Core77

Hopefully they prove to be comfortable

The Athletes Village at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be furnished with 18,000 single bed frames made out of cardboard. They’re made by Japanese mattress company Airweave and can withstand a load up to 440 pounds. The lightweight frames can easily be moved around and will be topped off with a three-layer mattress that athletes can customize to achieve their preferred firmness.

The initiative is part of the committee’s goal to “reuse or recycle 99% of procured items and goods.” The beds will be completely recycled at the end of the event as will the mattresses, which have plastic components. Their other efforts include manufacturing medals made out of donated phones, making the Olympic torch out of recycled aluminum, and the podiums using marine plastic waste.

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