April 9, 2020

The Editor speaks: It’s Hot, Hot, Hot! And even hotter!


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Colin Wilson

It’s not just outside on the land that’s getting more hot – so is the sea – and even hotter!

The science journal, “Advances in Atmospheric Sciences” has concluded the past five consecutive years were the top five warmest years in the ocean historically. This provides even more clear evidence of the climate emergency.

More than 90% of the excess heat generated by greenhouse gas emissions is stored in the oceans,

The Atlantic Ocean and Southern Ocean near the Antarctic Circumpolar Current continued to show a larger warming compared to most of the other basins. The southern oceans have taken up most of the global warming heat since 1970, accounting for as much as 43% of the increase in sea temperature over the last fifty years, the science journal says.

There “are no reasonable alternatives aside from anthropogenic emissions of heat-trapping gases” for the increase in the ocean temperatures it concludes.

So why aren’t the people we elect to run our countries not heeding all this? If its a question of cost just look at how much money every increasing and more powerful storms e.g. typhoons, hurricanes, hit us costs? How much does all the catastrophic wild fires in the Amazon, California and Australia cost?

I haven’t yet mentioned the increasing sea levels and all the low lying countries like us here that will feel the brunt of the flooding that will soon occur.

We continue to build right up to our seas and now we are considering constructing taller buildings, including that “iconic” tower. Our politicians don’t even discuss global warming and the dangers it will bring here in the Cayman Islands.

There is still time to act and the cost of so doing can be related to “a stitch in time saves nine”.

The Report above makes the even more alarming conclusion that “It is important to note that ocean warming will continue even if the global mean surface air temperature can be stabilized at or below 2°C”.

So we need to act now not leave it to another generation to clean up our mess.

We have been warned time and time again. All the talk in the world will not stop the catastrophes we will be causing, have caused and still cause. The promises that are made at all the Climate Change Conferences that are not kept but sound good are a complete waste of time and money.

If the politicians we elect won’t do something then isn’t it up to us? The public in general is at last waking up.

It is us that can make our leaders climb aboard.

When our premier commented that anything we do here on this tiny island isn’t going to make any difference to stopping global warming he is wrong again. Putting all the tiny islands together and you get a very big island, sir.

Global warming is now a hot topic and just maybe “Hot, Hot, Hot” can be not just a calypso but a rallying call? Why not? Let’s dance and sing to another one – “Cool. Cool. Cool”.

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