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At least you won’t get stranded at sea if the cruise ship is land-bound

_Luxury_Cruise_shi_1745348aBy Mary Beth Quirk Consumerist

If you’ve found yourself entirely put off by the idea of climbing aboard a ginormous floating funhouse, for fear of say, becoming stranded at sea and wading around in sewage, but you still have a hankering for that maritime flavor, you’re in luck. A new hotel is touting itself as the world’s first cruise ship-themed accommodations.

The word “themed” is key here, because despite the fact that guests will be, technically, on a boat (cue yells of “I’M ON A BOAT! [remember when that was a thing?]), you won’t be going anywhere, reports The Sun.

The thing looks like a cruise ship and has the feel of a boat with guest rooms sloped just like they are on a real sea vessel, including porthole windows.

But the Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht in Jeongdongjin, South Korea isn’t the real deal — despite the sound of waves crashing against the hull, effects that are piped in over loud speakers.

Meanwhile the hotel appears as if the captain perhaps took a wrong turn and somehow beached the ship on a cliff.

Sure, the risk of getting seasick or drifting aimlessly for days is gone — but where’s the fun in that? Give me the whisper of danger and the open seas over the facade of setting sail any day. Otherwise I’d just feel like I was living a lie.

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PHOTO: Docked … The Sun Cruise Resort and Yacht is perched on top of a cliff

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