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Abigail thrills Cayman with concerts

Abigail at St George's

International Soprano from the United Kingdom with Jamaican parents, Abigail Kelly, thrilled the audiences at her two concerts last weekend, Fri (26) and Sat (27) at St. George’s Anglican (Episopal) Church.

Although the church was not full on Friday it was almost packed on Saturday and her audiences were thrilled at her electrifying singing.

Abigail is a beautiful, young, slim woman with a powerful voice that shook the church’s chandeliers without any need for amplification. Not that her voice is harsh – it soars and is melodious to the ear. How such a small frame is able to sing with such gusto is amazing.

You could hear the gasps of breath from members of the audience as she handled some of the most difficult pieces of music with such ease hitting every note so perfectly. I have never heard Mignon’s “Ah! Je Suis Titania – Thomas” sung so brilliantly and her facial expressions added to the performance.

Miss Kelly’s other numbers were diverse and included, Miguillo, Tears, Free at Last, Come Down Angels, Summertime, My Man’s Gone and three Jamaican Folk Songs that Peter Ashbourne personally arranged for her voice.

She also sang Johnny One Note and the hilarious Cole Porter number “The Tale of the Oyster”.

There were also two appearances from St George’s Anglican Youth Choir who sang Glory Train, complete with actions and a Cayman Song Selection in traditional Caymanian costumes that included a hilarious duet between two of the younger members that had everyone in stitches of laughter.

My wife, Joan, commented “it was worth coming just to see that alone”.

It must have been a thrill for the young choir to sing “Wade in the Water” with Miss Kelly and I expect they will boast about that for many years.

Abigail was accompanied by four of Cayman’s best classical musicians, Fran McConvey (Piano), Kate Allenger (Violin), Sue Horrocks (Flute) and Richard deLacey (Viola).

For all those of you who weren’t there you missed a treat and it must have been the best $25 value ever recorded on the three islands.


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