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4 tips to market on TikTok

Most astute business owners now choose the more cost-effective and speedy option of marketing on social media platforms. The efficacy afforded here, far outweighs the cumbersome costs of agencies, time, and people placed on businesses before technology-enhanced this and many other aspects of our lives. Usefully, you have a menu from which to select. Most recently added to this smorgasbord is the networking service TikTok. If you don’t yet understand its advantages, here are some highlights and tips on how to optimize this opportunity to support your commerce growth and goal attainment.

• Identify Your Audience
What you offer provides a solution to a specific challenge or fills a useful gap in the market. It is a rare product or service which is desired by every person around the globe. Before you can start developing your marketing strategy, you must decide which groups of people you will target with your promotions. This is your audience and there may be a few, differentiated by their varying demographics. The latter will affect the tone and style of your communication with each audience. You also must be aware of the existence of many services like those listed on The Small Business Blog that offer you the opportunity to buy TikTok likes, which can speed up things for you and make you successful in no time.

• Create Original Content
All social media platforms afford the business communication style a break from the stiff and formal approach of years gone by. Your craziest notions will be warmly welcomed on TikTok and you will need to ensure originality throughout. If your efforts are indifferent, you will be ignored by most, who have 1000s of dazzling videos to entertain them, created by businesses who have understood the value of putting in the right effort. Original also speaks to variety in your content. Diversify your topics to include not only core business information but be open and sincere about the personal qualities within your organization. Possibly a spotlight on a new staff recruit, what interesting facets of their past led them to be selected above others. If you’re battling a choice on a new product design, why not speak to the attributes of each and ask for input? Your audience will have an opinion and likely provide your solution.   

• Use Influencers
An influencer is a person who is considered an expert in a particular area. Credible influencers will have attracted a very healthy following on TikTok, which is why they are contracted by companies in a similar industry, to promote their business. The company stands to gain some of these followers as future customers if both the influencer and the product and service offer the value which they suggest. Minimum requirements of the influencer should be documented to avoid misunderstanding, which could adversely affect your brand. It is prudent to connect with other companies who have worked with the influencer you have in mind, to be assured that what they profess, has already been confirmed by others.  

• Engage
Only a sniff at what can be derived from this platform is what you’ll gain if you engage only on your public business profile. If you want to sit at the main table and enjoy the full buffet, you should network in the profiles of apt others. Your influencer, already amusing a large audience, is where you should be engaging actively, liking posts that resonate strongly with your brand, and commenting where your brand can add value. Similarly on the profile of some of your return customers and why not close the deal on some of the profiles of your new followers? Of course, Instagram bots are always there to support this process. No matter which way you choose, when you do this with excellence, growth leads, closely trailed by increased sales.

Your fabulously fun short-form videos, posted consistently, to retain the interest of your thoughtful following, together with thoughtful influencer campaigns will deliver. Your boardroom table will be abuzz with the delight of improved quality output and record sales. The eager attention of some of the 1 billion active TikTok users, is within your grasp.


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