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Best Social Media Platforms for Business Growth

Do you have a business or brand that seems to be struggling with exposure? Do you want to know which social media platform might be best when it comes to marketing your business or brand?

Many businesses are looking for the best social media platforms to help grow their business. However, a lot of them don’t realize that there is a lot more to it than just posting to Facebook or commenting on someone’s tweets. 

Every platform has its unique features and audience demographics, so it’s important to figure out which one will work best for your company. In this article we will cover all the major social media platforms, and which are best for business. 


Facebook is the oldest port of these platforms and is not really one that is used often for marketing. It is mainly used for those who want to keep in contact with their friends and family and people who they haven’t seen in a long time.

However, with that said Facebook is still a great place for marketing because of the audience that it reaches. Regardless of the success of other social media platforms, this is still a good place to promote a business. Additionally, you can use different tools to increase engagement, or you can use the best sites to buy cheap Facebook likes listed on Quantum Marketer to attract more followers. WP Dev Shed also provides a list of some great websites to buy likes and followers, so you’re surely spoiled for choice. If you are trying to reach an older audience then Facebook is the perfect platform for you. 

Facebook offers many different features for you to make use of mainly text and image-based. Facebook also offers features such as the Facebook marketplace which is another great place to sell things. This is especially great for smaller businesses that are looking to grow. 


These days there are so many different social media platforms to choose from, especially as a business. When marketing on social media, you want to make sure that you are choosing the right platform to reach your target audience efficiently and effectively. 

The first platform we have is Twitter. Twitter is one of the oldest social media platforms around and was launched back in 2006. However, even though it is still an older platform, it has managed to keep its name as one of the most popular since then. 

Twitter is a microblogging-style platform with over 300 million active monthly users. This platform mainly reaches that of millennials and was the first platform where businesses started marketing. It is still one of the greatest marketing platforms to this day. 


The next platform we will look at is TikTok. TikTok is the newest addition to the social media world but has very quickly become the most popular platform to this day. While it might be the most used and most visited platform with over a billion active monthly users, if you are planning on marketing on TikTok, you need to consider the audience. 

TikTok’s main demographic is younger people who are teens and young adults. This means that businesses looking to reach this demographic will be most successful here. TikTok is a short-form video sharing platform and is great for those with a short attention span, but also to market things quickly and concisely.

TikTok started as a platform where you could lip-sync to your favorite songs, but it is not so much more than that with all sorts of different trends to follow and a bunch of fun things always happening. 


Next up we have the ever-popular Instagram. Instagram was launched in 2011, a decade ago, and quickly became the go-to social media platform for both businesses and individuals alike. Over the last decade, while the app has changed a lot, it has remained right at the top and is still the most popular social media platform. 

Instagram is a visual platform and is used to share videos and images in a variety of different ways. Over the years Instagram has introduced a lot of new features that have allowed it to keep its popularity.

As a business Instagram is a great platform to use because you can reach a variety of demographics from teens to people who are old enough to be their parents. This makes it a great platform for just about any business as they will be able to reach pretty much any audience that they are looking for. 


Last but not least we have Reddit. Reddit is not a platform that is commonly used by businesses but it’s still a social media platform that is used quite often. It is mainly used for things such as videos, images, and even news.

Reddit mainly reaches that of a millennial audience but also does target younger audiences such as Generation Z. If you are planning to market your business Reddit is not necessarily the best place for you.


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