January 16, 2022

4 Dec Weather in Cayman

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Sat Dec 4 2021

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Weather in Cayman


Fresh northeasterly winds and rough seas will continue across the Cayman area for the next 24 hours in association with a high pressure system over the southeastern US. Satellite images show mostly high level clouds over the Cayman area extending from an area of extensive cloudiness and possible showers to the northeast of the northeastern coast of Honduras associated with a surface trough in that area.

Humidity: 76% (DOWN from yesterday)
UV: 4.1 MODERATE (DOWN from yesterday) Expected temperatures: 78°F to 86°F. Yesterday: H 84.1°F  L 77.4°F
Winds: Today: ENE 105-25 mph Tonight: ENE 10-20 mph

Barometer: 10154.50 mb Steady

Rain: Last month: 8.52 in
Last 24 hrs (since yesterday’s reading) 0.00 in
This month: 0.00 in 10 days since rain, 0 rain days in Dec
2020 Season Total: 80.64 in
2021 Season Total: 43.84 in
Latest rainfall readings are from SOUTH SOUND.
Average rainfall in Dec: 2.2 in.
Average temperature in Dec: 73°F to 84°F
Sea Temperature in Dec: 82°F

MOON 0% Illumination


Grand Cayman Sun & Tides Tables December 2021


See: http://www.weather.gov.ky/portal/page?_
FOR RADAR IMAGE GO TO: http://www.weather.gov.ky/portal/page/portal/nwshome/forecasthome/rada
Also see Weather In Cayman: http://www.weatherincayman.com/
Moon info and graphic: https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/uk

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