December 2, 2023

30 day challenge

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And how are your plans to start a new life? Even if so far you haven’t managed to change everything radically, it’s not scary. It is believed that in 21 days you can develop a new habit, and in 30 days you can completely consolidate the material and forget that it was once different. Think about your plans and dreams for this year. Take one task and do something every day for a month to achieve it. At the end of this period, not only are you guaranteed to have a new habit of working towards your goal, you will definitely be closer to realizing your grandiose plans.

We have prepared our list for you. Choose 1 or 2 tasks from it and practice them every day for a month, adding to your own tasks. We promise that at the end of our challenge, you will clearly realize that you have become a new, better version of yourself.

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1. Practice getting up early

Starting your day at 6-7 in the morning, you will surely feel that the day seems to have become longer. In an extra hour and a half, you can do a lot of things. For example, start learning a new foreign language, listen to an online lecture course, or finally start doing simple exercises in the morning and cook yourself a delicious healthy breakfast.

2. Start every morning with something inspiring

To set the right tone for your day and learn something new, spend up to half an hour watching a TED Talk, saying positive affirmations, reading useful articles, or studying autobiographies of famous people that inspire you.

3. Cook and eat a healthy breakfast

You have probably already heard about the exceptional importance of the morning meal. Just in case, we remind you: breakfast charges you with energy and nutrients to start a long day, starts your metabolism, and reduces the chances of overeating during lunch and dinner. Try eating a healthy meal every morning for 30 days, and you’ll notice how a couple of extra inches will disappear from your waist without much effort.

4. Work on optimizing your routine

Time management, even outside the office, is an approach that greatly increases our productivity. Make a to-do list for the day and try to handle the most difficult tasks first to avoid procrastination.

5. Learn one new skill

Everything here is individual and depends on your interests, work and personal qualities. Here are options you might like: healthy cooking, public speaking skills, punctuality, delegation, memory development.

6. Give up a bad habit

Perhaps you feel that there is some kind of attachment that interferes with a healthy lifestyle or doing important and useful things during the day. Here are the most common ones to say goodbye to: smoking, frequent use of fast food or caffeine, watching TV, playing video games, staying up late (especially watching social media feeds). Finally, take an important step and give up harmful attachment. We guarantee that in 30 days you will wonder how you could follow her lead for so long.

7. Keep your workspace in perfect order

Getting rid of the chaos and excess in the workplace will help reduce stress levels. If this is not relevant for you (maybe you spend most of your time at home raising a baby), then there is an alternative – just get rid of one thing you do not need every week. If it’s a pity to throw it away, then sell it or just donate it.

8. Minimize your time on social media

Many people today reach for their smartphone a hundred times a day. In the morning, this greatly reduces concentration, and in the evening it overstimulates the brain and deprives you of quality sleep. Limit your “too close relationships” with devices for a month – and the positive effect will not be long in coming.

9. Half an hour of physical activity every day

A week-long combination of light cardio, strength training, yoga, and a pool is a recipe for great physical shape, mental focus, and an endless boost of energy. Try it, and in a month you won’t be able to live a day without fitness!

Don’t stop there. At the end of one challenge, when you already have a new good habit, proceed to the next task. Being in a mode of constant interest and discovery, becoming more productive and active, we are laying the foundation for positive changes in many areas. We become more flexible, creative, learnable, able to make the most objective assessments, and most importantly, we begin to truly love life.

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