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Day: July 15, 2013

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The Editor Speaks: Open air concerts should be prepared for rain

It would seem to have escaped the promoters, Music Republic, of The First Rock and Reggae Concert, that holding a concert outside during Cayman’s rainy season, it might rain. The weather forecast for last Friday (12) was not good. iNews…

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2013 Antigua Sailing Week – Where Sailing Comes First

By Louay_Habib All At Sea Caribbean In recent years many new sailing regattas have been held in the Caribbean but the yardstick to which they are all compared is still Antigua Sailing Week, the longest running regatta in the region….

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Caribbean launches CCORAL, a new climate change initiative

By Peter Richards From Caribbean 360 CASTRIES, St Lucia, Friday July 12, 2013 – The Caribbean Climate Online Risk and Adaptation Tool (CCORAL) was launched here Friday with regional countries hoping it will become another initiative that will result in…

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Cayman Islands signs MOUs with 25 ESMA members

From hedgeweek The Cayman Islands has now signed memoranda of understanding (MOUs) with 25 European countries, which will enable the continued marketing of Cayman Islands hedge funds throughout the European Union. Cindy Scotland, managing director of the Cayman Islands Monetary…

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5 Important US SCOTUS Rulings You Didn’t Hear About

by Crystal Shepeard From Care2 The Supreme Court is on a summer break, after a session that was controversial and history making. However, behind the high profile cases making headlines were more than 70 other important cases decided without much…

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Tax treaties override Vodafone amendments

By H P Agrawal From Business Standard AP High Court, in the case of Sanofi Pasteur Holding SA, said amendments made in the I-T Act do not nullify India’s tax treaties The story of Vodafone’s case in Supreme Court is…

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£1 billion credit card spree by civil servants: How Whitehall mandarins spent your money on gourmet meals and fine wines

By Daniel Martin Daily Mail UK The bill for 2012-2013 was four times that of 2002 It was no lower than in Labour’s last year in power even though the number of civil servants has fallen The money spent on…

8 weirdest pieces of vintage Royal Baby merchandise

Mashable The Royal Baby hubbub has swag-pushers on overdrive. Expect London store shelves filled with decorative plates, golden thimbles and commemorative scrunchies when Baby Cambridge arrives. Before Royal Baby enthusiasts stuff their pockets with celebratory goodies, however, they can prepare…

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Dominican Film Competition: call for entries

The Cayman Islands Film Commission are inviting persons to peruse an exciting opportunity (see attachment) at The Dominican Global Film Festival: “The Dominican Global Film festival is inviting film-makers from around the region to submit entries for its “Global Shorts”…

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Dep Gov and CO Minutes 10th June show need to relocate staff

In the minutes dated 10th June 2013 (only just received –July 15) from the Deputy Governor and Chief Officers’ Meeting it said there was a “need to relocate staff as a result of the formation of new Ministries and Portfolios.”…