January 25, 2022

14 Jan Weather in Cayman

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Fri Jan 14 2022

Weather in Cayman


Mainly sunny all day and clear skies tonight.

Humidity: 68% (DOWN from yesterday)
UV: 6.6 HIGH (UP from yesterday) Expected temperatures: 75°F to 82°F. Yesterday: H 81.8°F  L 75.7°F
Winds: Today: NNW 10-20 mph Tonight: NNE 5-10 mph

Barometer: 1013.20 mb Steady

Rain: Last month: 1.24 in
Last 24 hrs (since yesterday’s reading) 0.03 in
This month: 0.86 in 0 days since rain, 3 rain days in Jan
2021 Season Total: 45.08 in
2021 Season Total: 0.86 in
Latest rainfall readings are from SOUTH SOUND.
Average rainfall in Jan: 2.2 in.
Average temperature in Jan: 72°F to 81°F
Sea Temperature in Jan: 81°F

MOON 89% Illumination

Waxing Gibbous


Grand Cayman Sun & Tides Tables January 2022

From Tides4fishing

See: http://www.weather.gov.ky/portal/page?_
FOR RADAR IMAGE GO TO: http://www.weather.gov.ky/portal/page/portal/nwshome/forecasthome/rada
Also see Weather In Cayman: http://www.weatherincayman.com/
Moon info and graphic: https://www.timeanddate.com/moon/uk

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