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11 applications to make students’ lives easier

Ever thought about how to ease your academic routine through digital things? There are a variety of apps that, in the long run, will boost your performance in terms of curricula fulfillment. With them, you are likely to come with your notes arranging as well as, for instance, writing essays. As to the latter, if you feel that writing a paper takes lots of time, check the essay writing app, designed by, which is to polish your essays so that you are sure to get the highest mark. The list that has been created down below aims to draw your attention to the eleven top-notch applications that will make your life painless no matter what.

Homework Student Planner

It usually happens that you make a resolution to write down each and every homework assignment in a copybook, but then it suddenly and miraculously disappears. The application segregates subjects you have to do by class, priority, and the deadline. Assuming that you might forget about your tasks, the app sends you notifications of upcoming due dates, and once your homework is done, you can cross off it.


Equally important, the app lets you take notes during the lectures or classes, or seminars, etc. The most predominant feature of this application is that it can transfer your written text into audio. Plus, it substantially saves time if you want to review your paper, for instance, you can tap on a specific word, and SoundNote will move to that section of the written piece.

Spending tracker

It is an app, preliminary goal of which is to track your expenses, create smart graphs that highlight your spendings. Moreover, if you rent a room or share an apartment, the Spending tracker will remind you to pay your bills. And depending on your budget, it will wave a red sign when you tend to overspend.


Needless to say that students are very vulnerable in terms of finances, and they will try to economize on everything. Thankfully, you can get some money back from your groceries. Meaning that when you go to the store, once your grocery shopping is done, you can earn a cashback, which depends on your average sales slip.

Student Beans

The app aims to provide you with details and access to graduates discounts. The app works in that way: you attach your ID to flash in shops in order to obtain a student discount as well as some additional perks that are only accessible via app and website. When you buy something, you scan a personal QR code and get a lowered price due to your student status.


Not only can you study at some educational institution, but you can also do that individually/remotely/out of the college with the Coursera app. It is an app where all the best courses gathered, and the majority of them are free. Also, you can pay and get a certificate of completion.


The app focuses on giving you fresh news daily on a diversity of topics in just one mail, saving your efforts and time scrolling lots of resources. Feel free to read it every morning, devoting only dozens of minutes on it. All you need is an email, give it a try.


It is always good to eat somewhere outside, but being a student often means having a defined and already planned amount of money. The app sheds light on restaurants, trips, tours, and many more that may be quite cheaper using this app.


Have an intense desire to learn Spanish or any other language at least on a fundamental level? Duolingo is a free app that has plenty of languages you always wanted to learn. You can use it on your Android, iOs device, or even on your laptop during the break. Suffice it to say if you are perseverant enough, you will make effective use of this app.


By the same token, writing academic papers takes lots of time, especially when you try to stick to the structure. An appropriate citing requires your attention, of which you may well be a lack at the end of the day. The app is to cite everything you need, be it APA, MLA, or Chicago.

Thesaurus Dictionary

The app provides you with synonyms to all the words the English language has. This is vitally important while writing essays or other paper-related assignments because it enriches your vocabulary drastically. The app is entirely free, with a superb interface and lots of features.

In a Word

Students’ lives include the bulk of academic assignments, tight schedules, the lack of spare time, and many more. However, not only do graduates have stress and negativity throughout academia, but they also have a variety of options to live their lives to the fullest. Use the apps from the list, which will make your life easier.


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