December 10, 2023

100+ car companies linked to forced labor

December 11, 2022 News Digest
Supply chain
Cars made in last 5 years likely tied to Uyghur forced labor, report finds
More than 100 international automative manufacturers have links to Uyghur forced labor, according to a new report. Ford, Volkswagen Audi Group, Honda, Tesla and Mercedes-Benz Group are among the manufacturers named by the report as having supply chain exposures to the Uyghur Region. Freedom United and over 280 organizations have joined the United Auto Workers union in calling for the auto industry to leave the Uyghur Region. 
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Forced labor

FIFA refuses to set up compensation fund for exploited workers

Freedom United is deeply disappointed by FIFA’s reported refusal to set up a support fund for migrant workers who faced exploitation in the lead up to the World Cup. FIFA is set to rake in over $7 billion from the tournament. Our #PayUpFIFA campaign is calling for the soccer governing body to set aside $440 million to compensate exploited workers and support the families who relied on remittances from loved ones who died in Qatar

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Supply chain
Chocolate companies must pay a living income price for cocoa, says 2022 Cocoa Barometer

Our new report affirms that sustainable chocolate won’t become a reality until companies start paying a living income price for cocoa. The 2022 Cocoa Barometer shows that current efforts to tackle farmer poverty, child labor, trafficking and other issues will continue to fail unless there is a price hike. The report also explores the role racism and colonial-era dynamics play in the cocoa industry, creating systemic barriers to progress. 

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Wednesday December 14:

* The Modern Slavery Act: legislation, limitations and the future landscape


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