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Why we need more Stormin’ Normans

Maybe sometimes the old fashioned ideas are still the best. Tried and tested methods are, as the name suggests, tried and tested.

For as long as I can remember in all corners of the globe boxing has been seen as the ideal way to install discipline in what might be unruly youngsters on the verge of heading down the wrong path. Boxing gives them a purpose, goals in life, and obviously an avenue to vent any frustrations they may have on the punch bags that swing from the ceiling.

In gyms all around the world coaches don’t just coach The Queensbury Rules to the youngsters that come through their doors. The roots of their responsibilities lie much deeper. They become surrogate fathers, brothers, social workers and, of course, boxing coaches. Take Norman Wilson for example. He is a man who commands respect.

It’s at the Dalmain Ebanks Boxing Gym where Norman, or Stormin’ Norman as he’s not so affectionately known, has plied his trade for many years. His undoubted talent as a boxing coach is not questioned. Charles Whittaker is testimony to that. But outside the ring his talents maybe go a little unrecognised.

I certainly wouldn’t fancy going 12, or even one, round with The Killa but the times I’ve met him he has come across as a charming, respectful and thoroughly decent man.

And this week two more of Norman’s pugilistic prodigies are flying the flag for Cayman in Azerbaijan at the World Boxing Championships. Dariel Ebanks won his opening fight on a points decision and Kendall Ebanks steps into the ring tomorrow (1st) for his first bout.

iNews spoke with Kendall and we’ve been keeping track on his progress via the social networking site Facebook. He told us that he “thanks God” for putting him in that position and that he’s now capable of winning a gold medal. If he, or Dariel, do pick up the top prize or even a silver they will be representing Cayman at the London Olympics next year. Two more fine examples of the young people of the Island proving that not all are as bad and should be tarred with the same brush as those who have strayed off the path.

We need more Dariels, Kendalls and Charles Whittakers in Cayman but more importantly, we need far more Norman Wilsons.

Everyone at iNews wishes them the best of luck during the Boxing Championships that continue throughout October. But in my mind, they are already winners.



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