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Ophelia strengthens while Philippe changes course

Forecasted path of Ophelia

Tropical Storm Ophelia continued to strengthen yesterday (29). This strengthening will continue through today, culminating in Ophelia becoming a Category 1 Hurricane. Ophelia is expected to still strengthen through tomorrow (1 Oct) and weaken as Sunday (2) approaches. This weakening will be the result of Ophelia tracking over cooler waters and increasing wind shear.  Rob Lightbown writes, “Ophelia is currently tracking north-northwest at a forward speed of 7 mph and the storm should track in a general north to north-northwest motion right up to about Saturday and then turn to the north-northeast and speed up in forward speed by Sunday and Monday. Ophelia is expected to track east of Bermuda and is expected to impact eastern Newfoundland by Sunday night.”

Yesterday it was reported the Philippe showed no sign of change. However, since then Philippe has change course and is now headed to the west-northwest. Philippe is also expected to strengthen over the next few days although it is not expected to strengthen any more than Tropical Storm status.

Forecasted path of Philippe

Rob Lightbown writes, “Philippe is expected to track in a general westward direction over the next several days as the storm becomes caught underneath a ridge of high pressure. Even though Philippe may be a very weak storm by Tuesday and Wednesday, it may be located further west than where Ophelia is currently located. At this time, Philippe poses no threat to any land masses.”

Go to Crown Weather Services at or to the National Hurricane Centre at for more information on both of these systems. iNews wishes to thank Crown Weather for their permission to use their graphics and information. Please support them.


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