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PUBLIC HELPS: with search for Kerran

Public help search for Kerran

An aggressive search of the heavily vegetated and uneven terrains in Savannah, adjacent to Pedro St. James, was launched just after five pm on Tuesday by a public search party.

The mission to find missing doctor’s assistant, Kerran Natalie Baker, was organised by Caymanian Businessman, Mr. Woodward “Woody” DaCosta, and involved close to 100 concerned citizens.

Despite what the police believed to have been an extensive search by their specialised units and canines, the public descended upon the site where the missing woman’s Honda motorcar was found, to conduct their own search.

Kerran Baker was reported missing on Saturday after a close friend of hers, who was unable to make contact, became suspicious and went to her apartment to investigate.

A bag of groceries, along with Miss Baker’s handbag was discovered at the apartment.

Overseeing the search was Chief Police Inspector, Martin Bodden, who explained the dangers and unpredictability of the terrain to the search party.

When asked about the dangers to the public, the late starting time and the expected duration of the evening’s search, the Chief Inspector explained that the search party’s arrival was not entirely the idea of the police, but explained that the presence and guidance of the police was needed to assist the volunteers in conducting a proper search.

“We will not call off any search at all, if our officers have briefed them as to what they must do. They [the police] gave tips on safety and on how to identify or treat any evidence discovered. A lot of the search [at the specific location] was done, we have also used canines. Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, RCIPS, divers have covered the coast.” said the Chief Inspector.

Search organizer “Woody” DaCosta said: “The broadcast was put out today as the family was feeling anxious. Not much thought was given to sitting with the police and tailoring the plan.”

Mr. DaCosta however gave assurances there were members within the group whose thorough knowledge of the area would prove very useful to the effectiveness of the search.


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