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UCCI & Law School Honour Ministers

Benson Ebanks

“It is therefore fitting that the University College be renamed as the Benson O. Ebanks University College of the Cayman Islands or the “Benson O. Ebanks College, and the formal steps towards this will be undertaken shortly.” After hearing the news Mr. Ebanks said: “The honour is unexpected. I am very proud to be bestowed with this honour. Mr. Bush called me yesterday (Tuesday) which was a surprise in itself. He told me that they are planning to name the university college after me and I was extremely surprised.

“I established the University when I was education minister, which was between 1969-1972 and then again in 1980-1992. He [McKeeva Bush] remembered being around when this took place. I felt it was necessary at the time as people who wanted to get a university education had to go off island.”

The Cayman Islands Law School is also to be renamed the Truman M. Bodden Law School, according to Mr. Bush’s statement. The formal steps towards the re-naming would also be taken, “In the near future.”

Explaining the reasons for the change, Mr. Bush said:  “Mr. Truman M. Bodden, OBE, JP had a political career remarkably similar to Mr. Benson’s; that is, having served a number of terms in this Honourable Assembly and as a Minister of Education. “Perhaps influenced by his own professional interest in the law, but also no doubt fully aware of the opportunities for Caymanians in the field, Mr. Bodden had a great deal to do with the setting up, in 1982, of the Cayman Islands Law School.”

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