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OffshoreAlert Leads on Mac

OffshoreAlert, known as the unofficial eye on the offshore financial industry has transformed into a new-faced website.

The site was launched this week leading with the Premier of the Cayman Islands as its subject.

David Marchant, Owner and Editor said,  “OffshoreAlert has come a long way since it was launched in February, 1997. Back then; we distributed it via a broadcast fax service that I accessed via a dial-up modem.”

Marchant also added that the website will be able to update news from the offshore world as it happens.

“The newsletters have always existed to address the imbalance in the offshore world between the demand for credible information and the supply of it and the new website will help us to do that better than ever before.”

One of the key focuses of the website will be to continue its focus on corruption investigations and fraud.

Mr. Marchant spoke on incidences where he had been sued for libel on numerous occasions in many different places and his victories.

“We’ve been sued for libel seven or eight times in multiple jurisdictions and have never lost, never published a correction nor an apology or paid one cent to the plaintiffs in costs or damages. It is a record of which I am very proud.”

The new website also offers a document library and search facility to subscribers as well as court findings, indictments and extraditions in addition to the exposé news articles, blogs and commentaries.


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