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Fraser brothers going for gold

Young Olympic hopefuls: Brett and Shaune

Brothers Shaune and Brett Fraser prepare to head to London for the 2012 Olympics.

The swimming pair are excited and looking forward to the challenge. This will be Shaune’s third Olympics and Brett’s (pictured above) second.

The boys are ready and raring to go, they’ve already started training and both are confident that they’ll be more prepared this time to compete at a world level in their events.


 London’s calling for swimmer Brett Fraser

The short freestyle specialist is heading to the big smoke for the 2012 Olympics – and he’ll have a whole country cheering him on.

Last week at Royal Palms, family members as well as members of Stingray Swim Club and Camana Bay Aquatic Club celebrated Brett Fraser’s Olympic qualification.

The organiser of the great event was Sarah McKay the mother of another former Olympic qualifier, Andrew McKay.

She said, “We’re all proud of him.”

There were two main reasons for the gathering according to Ms. McKay. They were, one to celebrate Brett’s accomplishment and secondly to give the younger swimmers on island a chance to meet and talk to one of Cayman’s swimming Olympians.

Brett spent most of the evening taking photos with his young fans and autographing pictures of himself for them. He was asked many questions by his enthusiastic and excited supporters and gave advice to the young ones saying, “Hard work pays off, follow your dreams and believe
in yourself.”

Brett has qualified in the A cut for short events, 50m freestyle and was very close to making the A cut for the 100m freestyle.

He said, “It’s really exciting because this time I feel like I have a really good shot. I think I’ll be more prepared to compete at a world level.”

When asked how he felt about being a celebrity he said, “I’m just having fun. It’s not for the limelight. I love representing my islands and I’m glad for their support.”

Brett’s parents Jim and Laurice Fraser both expressed their pride and happiness for Brett and his brother Shaune, also a freestyle swimmer going to London.

Mr. Fraser said, “You never envision your young kids doing this.” Ms. Fraser followed saying, “This time around they are so focused at getting somewhere, and I’m excited and happy for them.”

Everyone at iNews would like to send congratulations and good luck to both Brett and Shaune and good luck to all those athlete’s representing Cayman in the London 2012 Olympics.

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