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Robbers strike again in George Town

The owner of the auto store that was the latest victim of armed robbery says there are a number of factors as to why the current crime rate is so high.

Keith Parker says although Thursday’s robbery at his store on Eastern Avenue wasn’t the first theft, it was the first time a gun was used.

Thugs threatened a cashier before fleeing with the contents of the cash register and the member of staff’s handbag.

Mr Parker says he believes high unemployment and a poor economy may be reasons why crime has escalated.

But he says it all forms part of a world wide problem.

He said: “This is the first time since I started operation in 1996 that we are having an armed robbery.

“We have had two or three previous break-ins, but they were all after hours. Very little was taken in the previous break-ins, the robbers broke the glass of the door.”

Mr. Parker says that while the specially installed CCTV cameras are effective at identifying mannerisms of suspects, it cannot truly provide the quality identification required by police.

‘To be honest, based on the types of crime we are seeing today, the CCTV cameras are not going to be of much benefit. You may be able to see the suspect’s mannerisms and other minor clues but that is all.

“The woman who was working is very traumatized as she was the person who had the gun pointed to her and also she lost her identification which was in
her purse.”

The Caymanian Businessman says his business tries to guide employees on crime prevention and response techniques, but admitted that he is skeptical about the effectiveness of using strategy with
unpredictable bandits.

“Businesses and their staffs are not always capable of dealing with extra ordinary situations in a normal way. There is no training that can deal with people that are acting in an irrational and illegal way. We will be making some security adjustments and in the operation measures of our business.”

According to the businessman, the escalation in crime, although disappointing, should not discourage investment in the country.

“The police can only do so much, they need the support of the public. I have lived here for forty plus years, I was here in the good old days, and the good new days, and even in these present days. I am not happy with what is going on with crime these days; it could be because of the economy, or high unemployment, but it is part of a world wide scale problem,” He said.

According to police reports, no shots were fired, and no one was hurt during the robbery.

In a desperate effort to increase the success of their gun amnesty, the police have introduced their “cash for guns” initiative. During the “Cash for Guns” drive, guns and ammunition can be sold to the police, no questions asked.

The amount of money in the cash register and the employee’s handbag could not be determined.

One suspect is said to be 5’8” tall, of slim built, was wearing long sleeved, blue striped shirt, and the other, 5’10” tall, wearing green, long sleeved shirt.

Persons with information which could help the police in their investigation is being asked to call George Town CID, on 9494222,or Crime stoppers, at, 8008477 (TIPS)



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