December 10, 2023

Are you equipped for the Generative AI arms race? Prepare with AWS, Sony and TikTok this July

Which industry will Generative AI transform next? Is AI really going to take your job? Have we already lost control?

As boardrooms across the globe grapple with harnessing AI’s transformative power, influential voices are sounding the alarm, urging us to hit the pause button. We are left with a single chance to make it right.

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Reuters flagship AI summit Reuters MOMENTUM (July 11-12, Austin TX) will host the discussions the world NEEDS answers to, before it’s too late.

In an era of rapid technological advancements reshaping work models, concerns about AI taking jobs have understandably emerged. However, the Reuters summit aims not only to address these concerns but also to illuminate the opportunities that arise from human-AI collaboration. By understanding AI’s potential, we can harness it to augment capabilities and create a future benefiting businesses and individuals.

Our interactive agenda has been written in collaboration with business leaders and tech experts around the world. What will your 2 days look like?

  • Interactive debates – A Response to The Future of Life Institute’s Open Letter
  • Fireside chats – First Mover or Fast Follower: What is the Right Strategy for Your Business?
  • Case studies – Copycats and Copyright: Disrupting the Future of Brand IP
  • Panel discussions – The Chief AI Officer: Do You Need One Too?
  • Roundtables – Managing Tech Talent in the Era of AI

Ensure you don’t miss out on the year’s most vital AI conversations in Austin, Texas

Reply to the industry’s biggest names to an audience in the millions:

  • Take part in our keynote debate: Time to hit PAUSE on AI? A Response to the Future of Life Institute Letter
  • Share your opinion to a room of AI trailblazers- COLIN, this is your chance to make your voice heard

Regulation: Who Going to Set the Rules for AI?

  • Jerry Ma, Director of Emerging Technologies, US Department of Commerce
  • Seth Dobrin, President, Responsible AI Institute 

First Mover or Fast Follower: What is the Right Strategy for Your Business?  

  • Elaine Zhou, Chief Technology Officer, 
  • Nabarupa Banerjee, Head of Trust and Safety, Airbnb
  • Chintan Mehta, Group CIO, Wells Fargo

Managing Tech Talent in the Era of AI  

  • Mike Wisler, Chief Information Officer, M&T Bank
  • Shaun Marion, Chief Information Security Officer, McDonald’s
  • COL Benigni, Chief Data Officer, Army Futures Command, US Army

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All assets, all stakeholders, one place.

If you are interested in attending with colleagues, contact Olivia Browne directly for discounted group rates.

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