October 27, 2020

Young Caymanian youths in desperate need of help and assistance


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Hello, my name is Adam Mark Ebanks; I am a Caymanian living in the district of George Town.  I am writing to you in the hopes that you feel some compassion for the situation that myself and more young Caymanians are being faced with.

I have been enrolled in an Electrical program at the Wesleyan Holiness Church in George Town; Windsor Park where I was introduced to the Volunteer teacher Mr. Larry Powell who is now on the verge of being Rolled Over. He has been an inspirational factor in my life and the lives of many others throughout the community.

Before I was introduced to Mr. Powell I was doing drugs, committing petty crimes, hanging with the wrong crowds and un-employed.  Mr. Powell took me under his wing and motivated me to take classes to improve on my education and helped me get a job. Now he only has a few days remaining on our Islands and myself and the other students are devastated by this fact.

I believe that Mr. Powell should remain in the Cayman Islands for he has been an inspirational person throughout the community and without his presence most of the students will most likely quit the program and fall back into the tragic lives we lived before and with those thoughts in mind, more crimes will be committed, more lives lost.

I find it very inspiring that Mr. Powell has taken the time out of his busy schedule to voluntarily teach hindered pupils to better themselves and look forward to a brighter future. I am asking that my story be heard and something be done, for your support to publish my story and get the attention of the public.

Kind Regards

Adam Mark Ebanks

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