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Yearly reminder: Going out on Valentine’s Day is a bad idea

By Ariel Knutson From The Kitchn

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, which means you might have noticed an influx of over-the-top candies and decorations in stores across the country. Besides making sure to pick up a box of chocolates, have you made any delicious plans with your sweetheart? While it might seem like a romantic idea to go out to your very favorite restaurant for a nice meal, I implore you to stay in.

Seriously, cancel your restaurant reservation while there’s still time. Hurry!

You see, what you might have forgotten (and I don’t blame you), is that Valentine’s Day is actually the worst day to go out to a restaurant. You might have gone out last year, had a horrible time, and then quickly blocked it out of your memory because it was so awful. It’s almost like that hormone (oxytocin?) that women release after giving birth that makes them forget how intense the actual birthing process can be.

Why Restaurants Are So Bad on Valentine’s Day

I’ve talked about this a couple times, but most specifically here. It boils down to three points: You’re going to be rushed through dinner because the restaurant is booked, the food is going to be overpriced because restaurants know they can take advantage of customers on Valentine’s Day, and most likely no one who works at the restaurant is going to be happy to be working that night (it’s just too stressful).

That doesn’t sound like a good time, right? Doesn’t the mushy day of love deserve a little more respect then a rushed night out? I know you know this.

Recipes to Make at Home Instead

Instead of going out on Valentine’s Day, I recommend pushing your reservation back a week and cozying up at home with some chocolate and a home-cooked meal. Need some recommendations? I got you.

Or, if you’d rather just eat chocolate and drink pink, I recommend checking out our cheesy Valentine’s day party from last year to draw some inspiration.


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