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XPeng starts pre−orders for its third production smart EV P5

Auto Shanghai 2021

The Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer XPeng kicked-off at Auto Shanghai 2021 the XPeng P5, the world’s first production smart EV equipped with automotive-grade LiDAR technology.

The P5 builds on the previous models not only in its autonomous driving functionality, but also in its third-generation tech-enabled smart cockpit features, envisioning the car as a third living space to complement home space and work space.

“We persist in exploring because we are convinced that technology will enrich our lifestyles and bring about a great mobility transformation,” Chairman and CEO Mr. He Xiaopeng said at the press conference. “We believe in the future of autonomous driving,  and remain committed to it. Transportation has immense influence on our daily lives and technology is empowering our life choices and propelling a fundamental revolution in mobility.”

XPeng P5 is expected to start delivery in the fourth quarter of 2021 with pre-orders having started at April 19.


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