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Would you say goodbye to FM in exchange for digital radio?

More channels and more quality, as we can already enjoy in the TV world since the change to digital, is what the DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) promises for sound broadcasting.

The idea of ​​the DAB was to replace the traditional and inefficient analog FM broadcast and to use its band for digital radio transmission. But in many countries, the reality is that today digital sound broadcasting appears only as a secondary actor in the digital TV movie.

That in the UHF own television bands, the digital transition has also allowed to house groups (or multiplex in technical terms) of digital radio stations has not led to their listening. Very few people use internet or web radio principles. The television to listen to the radio, and giving up the portable format or listening in the car is almost a death sentence.

The engine of change goes through the analog blackout that until now no one has dared to announce. Without waiting for joint decisions in Brussels or in the EBU such as those that forced the jump to the new TV, Norway has already decided to undertake its local blackout. Goodbye to analog FM to occupy your space with digital channels. And a whole migration process that will force you to acquire new user equipment.

A decision that gives rise to conflicting opinions, from those who speak that it was time to those who see a strategy promoted by large companies to force a new business. There are also those who criticize that the functions of DAB pale in comparison to Internet radio, to which others reply that despite the wide penetration of the Internet it is clear that radio broadcasting, both sound and television, has a presence that does not reach unseat services online.

A debate that seems far from the agendas of the authorities in many other states, but that the movement of chips by Norway may reopen.

The great competition generated by streaming applications has led to the fact that conventional radio is becoming obsolete. That is why Norway has become the first country to make the leap to the technological era, through a digital audio transmission system (DAB).

This Wednesday Norway gradually abandoned radio frequency modulation (FM), for a new digital model that will help you create new stations with rich content. To do this, it has implemented a digital audio system (DAB for its acronym in English) that reduces costs up to eight times.

According to the portal the for the Norwegians is still a premature change because a survey carried out by the Dagbladet newspaper, ensures that 66% of Norwegians were against the action against 17% in favor of the disappearance of the conventional radio. However, 74% of the population already has a technological device that captures the signal digitally.

Much has been questioned about the future of radio, the truth is that new technologies have given a boost to this means of communication, changing the traditional model and allowing listeners to choose the number of digital stations that are available. world level.

Countries in Europe such as Switzerland, Denmark and Great Britain are incorporating the same standards. And despite the fact that in Latin America it is evident that FM continues to be essential for some remote places, there are already many people who have mobile devices that use them to capture the digital radio signal.

Therefore, CrunchReviews brings you some fantastic radio apps to tune in to your favorite stations. If you liked any of them, follow the link to download them.

Tunnel Radio

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Radio App

This application easily tunes local radio stations and radio stations from around the world, with the use of a unique analog tuner. Radio App contains various features such as an alarm, sleep timer and does not require an Internet connection. It is only available for iOS devices.


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