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World Tourism Day Message, Tuesday 27th September

Hon. Kenneth Bryan

Minister for Tourism and Transport

World Tourism Day Message

Tuesday 27th September

Hon. Kenneth Bryan

Good day, Cayman. 

It has been only one day since the Cayman Islands National Emergency Operations Centre issued the “all clear” on the passing of Hurricane Ian. To which, I am pleased to say that our islands suffered only minimal damage. 

As Minister of Tourism and Transport, I am relieved and proud to note that our destination is in a position to get back up and running very quickly. 

Especially as we observe today as World Tourism Day, this isa testament to the resilience of our people. My colleagues in the PACT government and I, as well as all tourism industry stakeholders are left contemplating the blessings we have received. 

It is not lost on me however, that there are many others now in the path of a serious storm threat and our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Cuba and Florida as they ride out the passage of this major hurricane.

Since 1980, the United Nations World Tourism Organization has observed the 27th of September as World Tourism Day.  This year’s theme is “Rethinking Tourism” which is just what my team at the Ministry and the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism are working hard to do. 

Over the past two and a half years, the important role tourism plays in our overall society has been made abundantly clear. Whether or not persons are employed within the travel industry or in tourism-related jobs, we have all gained a renewed understanding of the significance of the tourism industry in one way or another. 

We are continuously looking for ways to ensure our islands remain one of the most sought-after vacation destinations in the world.  By working closely with our tourism partners we are on our way to developing a renewed and revitalized Cayman Islands tourism industry. 

Similarly, as one of the last countries to lift COVID restrictions, the Cayman Islands is aligned with the mindset of many of our regional counterparts, in making it easier for visitors to travel to the Caribbean on a whole.

In my new role as Chairman of the Caribbean Tourism Organization, I am focused on supporting our membership as we all work toward rebuilding of the tourism sector within the region.

At the recent Caribbean Aviation Day conference, my colleagues and I discussed the challenges the Caribbean islands face with air transport and connectivity, seeking to identify solutions to these issues. 

The goal of discussions with stakeholders in the aviation industry, is to strengthen existing travel channels and to capitalise on new partnerships which benefit the Cayman Islands and the wider Caribbean.

By “Rethinking Tourism” in the Cayman Islands, we are actively pursuing new ways to ensure more Caymanians benefit from the industry through job creation and training, while balancing our growth with sustainable practices. 

I encourage all Caymanians to take advantage of the educational opportunities available. This training can empower persons to enter the hospitality field or continue personal professional growth within the industry.

In closing, I welcome our valued visitors back to our shores. I look forward to them interacting with our people, experiencing the natural beauty of our three islands and learning about our culture and heritage. 

All of which make up our unique destination – the Cayman Islands.

To our amazing tourism workers and everyone currently visiting us, happy World Tourism Day, and may God bless you all.


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