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World Orphans Day

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 1.06.25 PMFrom Cheryl Robeson Piggott Founder: World Orphans Day CEO: The Stars Foundation

It is my delight to update you and share some exciting news and developments for this year’s World Orphans Day.

We have already had a wonderful start with a promotional campaign in Uganda. Our Honorary Chairman for World Orphans Day Uganda, James Titus, reports that we were part of the platform at the 4th Forum of Mayors in Uganda held at the end of July. James is the Program Director for the Alliance of Mayors and Municipal Leaders Initiative for Community Action on AIDS at Local Level (AMICAALL) and heads up the Uganda Chapter.
(See group photo below)

At this Forum, the issue being discussed was community engagement and services to help AIDS/HIV families and orphans left behind by this devastating disease. The President of Uganda was present at the Forum. Our proclamation for World Orphans Day was read and filmed for inclusion in our Hearts on Fire Television project currently in the early stages of production. In a nutshell, over 400 mayors and urban leaders within Uganda proclaimed World Orphans Day to be November 9 for 2015. The Stars Foundation is currently reaching out to several other Program Directors from AMICAALL in Africa to further the proclamation process for World Orphans Day for their countries.

In early August, while in Washington, D.C., I was blessed to meet with three Senator’s offices and a Congressman’s office (Senator Thom Tillis (NC), Senator John McCain (AZ) Senator Burr (NC) and Congressman Patrick McHenry of NC, to discuss a World Orphans Day event in Washington by The Stars Foundation leadership team. The event will extend invitations to selected Ambassadors of Goodwill of The Stars Foundation, and affiliate organizations that support World Orphans Day, along with a few members of the Senate and Congress.

This proposed intimate private World Orphans Day event is being presented by Senator Thom Tillis’s Legislative team to the US CAPITOL for a site within the US Capitol building, and we will hold this World Orphans Day private ceremony on November 9, 2015, if approved. We desire for one of our Ambassadors of Goodwill to perform our selected theme song there. We desire to honor King Kigeli V of Rwanda and have Janet McElligott and Prince Selassie of Ethiopia speak on behalf of TSF and World Orphans Day.

Additional venues showing interest in having a recording artist perform the theme song during fall dates of their events: a NASCAR Venue, a Mississippi large College, a Caribbean

location and a Shanghai, China location (yet to be determined). Various artists will perform for a music video to be compiled from the various events over the next 7 months.

Iceman Productions, spearheaded by Roger Piggott, will be staging an international Golf event partnered with the largest sports marketing company in China. Collectively, they will be producing the International Long Drive Golf Championships and corresponding television programs. The Public Service Announcements of World Orphans Day will be showcased in 60 countries globally. The series will include donated air time segments concerning World Orphans Day within their television programming and will include our representation in a “Live to Air” component that will reach more than 250,000,000 households in China, November

We will be taking a few celebrities from the US to join us for this Championship Golf event and filming process, who will visit orphanages and be invited to speak on air about World Orphans Day. We have also encouraged the Chinese celebrities that will be in attendance to endorse our efforts to a worldwide television audience. On a personal note my husband, Roger, the Executive Producer and I will have to leave immediately following the US CAPITOL event to fly to China for a two week stay and event execution. China UNICEF has been approached to be our charity partner in the highly publicized Shanghai event.


We had a bit of a delay with the filming of the PSA celebrity interviews for Hearts on Fire Television programming and the PSA’s in Nashville due to the above schedule compounded by our personal relocation from Canada to the United States currently taking place. We should be settled in during the month of September. Another minor delay in programming has resulted from the production studio selected by our Honorary Chairman for Tennessee. Troy Miller, (President of National Religious Broadcast Network and our Honorary Chairman), has recently informed us that NorthStar Studios has recently changed owners. Thus there was a necessary postponement pursuant to getting our request re-approved by the new current owners. We are presenting this request to NorthStar this week for their continued support. Ken Abraham will be hosting the interviews in Nashville.

Ambassadors of Goodwill Geoff Bodine, Beau Davidson, NBA players David Thompson Bart Kofoed, and Bobby Jones, Stella Parton, Buddy Jewell, Rockie Lynne, Jeff Bates, Clifton Davis, Kathy Polston Dalton, Jimmy Wayne and others, will be invited as soon as confirmation and dates have been confirmed for the two studios. Some of these interviews will be done in North Carolina near Charlotte for the NC celebrities, with Sam Smith and Roger Piggott as on air hosts.

Due to the above schedule and with our family relocation to a new home, coupled with worldwide media exposure stemming from Shanghai, China and US Capitol events, we are electing to postpone some of our celebrity PSA production days until 2016. This also includes the media caravan of celebrities from Nashville to Tryon NC. We will use the same PSA from
2009 and adapt it minimally for this year. We are being blessed with a busier schedule than we could have ever dreamed of! Audio versions of the television PSA will be sent out by Honorary Chairman Troy Miller to the affiliate partners of the National Religious Broadcast Network.

In closing, kindly accept this document as an update to our current mandate and I will be in contact with you individually to discuss in details the components addressed in this memo.

Please feel free to reach out to me personally for any questions that you may have. In the event you have any suggestions or input you feel would contribute to our ongoing success, please contact me personally at your earliest convenience.

Cheryl RobesonI will be sending out a media kit later in the week for our World Orphans Day Team, and that includes each of you, for purposes of engaging other non profits, churches, civic organizations and corporations to support World Orphans Day and the orphans of the world.

With warmest regards,

Cheryl Robeson Piggott
The Stars Foundation, Chairwoman
World Orphans Day, Founder

James Titus, Program Director for Uganda, and our Honorary Chairman of World Orphans Day Uganda, presented the Proclamation.
Cheryl Robeson Piggott


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