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World Indigenous People’s Day

From Miriam Karmali, Freedom United

How are indigenous communities impacted by trafficking? In our global snapshot report, we help answer that question. 

Today’s World Indigenous People’s Day focuses on the role of indigenous women. Read more about how indigenous women and girls are impacted by trafficking and why leadership from indigenous women is key to building resilience against trafficking.
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There are an estimated 370 million indigenous people around the world.[1] Yet, we don’t have a full picture of how these communities are impacted by trafficking. That’s why we’ve developed a global snapshot, covering Nepal to Colombia, of indigenous peoples’ experiences of modern slavery globally. 

On World Day of Indigenous Peoples, read our report which exposes the unique structural inequalities indigenous communities face, and shows why the anti-trafficking sector must do more to stand in solidarity with indigenous communities fighting for their rights. 

Explore the report here

In solidarity, 
Miriam and the Freedom United team 
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Miriam Karmali
Advocacy, Freedom United


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