October 24, 2020

Woman hatched plan to steal baby


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MILWAUKEE (AP) — Desperate to give her boyfriend a son but unable to conceive, Annette Morales-Rodriguez faked a pregnancy for months, court documents say, then began trolling Milwaukee’s streets for pregnant women in hopes of stealing an unborn baby.

After two days of searching, the 33-year-old woman finally spotted Maritza Ramirez-Cruz, who was just a week from her due date. Morales-Rodriguez lured the young Puerto Rican immigrant into her home, according to court documents, and beat her with a baseball bat before cutting her full-term fetus from her womb with an X-Acto knife, killing both the mother and the baby.

Morales-Rodriguez now faces charges of first-degree intentional homicide while armed and first-degree intentional homicide of an unborn child while armed. She faces mandatory life in prison if convicted.

She told investigators she had grown increasingly desperate as her own supposed due date approached. She said she planned for two weeks to find a pregnant woman, according to the criminal complaint filed Monday.

Morales-Rodriguez told investigators she offered Ramirez-Cruz a ride, and the younger woman accepted, the criminal complaint said.

Telling Ramirez-Cruz she needed to change her shoes, she drove them to her weathered two-story house on Milwaukee’s south side. Ramirez-Cruz went inside to use the bathroom. When she emerged, Morales-Rodriguez bludgeoned the pregnant woman with a baseball bat, the complaint said.


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