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With a global footprint the connection to a local community yet remains an important undertaking for our local presence

Tranter makes an important statement in gender equality in sports and for fair play among children and young adults

Vänersborg, Sweden. 22 December 2021. With passion and commitment, Tranter are always seeking to establish long lasting relationships with every kind of stakeholder to make an impact for a more sustainable and equal world. Tranter continues to contribute with financial aid on a regional level to a local sports team with an increased focus on gender equality and youth teams.

At Tranter, our employees are our most valuable assets and in a typically male dominated industry the question of gender equality becomes even more important. To not only communicate its importance internally Tranter will during the coming years devote an increased support to the women’s teams of IFK Vänersborg Bandy.

“Tranter is a proud sponsor of the local sports team IFK Vänersborg Bandy, it is a way for us to engage and give something back to our local community. We share many values and we are pleased to support both men’s and women’s teams as well as children and young adults. At Tranter we also place great emphasis on trustworthiness and it is therefore with great joy we will from this year be the main sponsor and announce the fair play award after each tournament.” says Magnus Lindberg Managing Director, Eurasia. 

Tranter has a long history of providing financial aid to the local team, IFK Vänersborg Bandy, which emerged from several common values, especially trustworthiness and fair play. It will not only be the gender equality that will receive this extra attention during coming years, the second aspect of the commitment will be to contribute to fair play and honesty among children and young adults, as the connection to one of Tranter’s core values, trustworthiness, is close at hand. In future national tournaments arranged by IFK Vänersborg Bandy Tranter will be the main sponsor and announce the fair play award after the tournament. 

“Throughout all my years in the heat exchanger industry trustworthiness has always been the most important value to me. For us to be able to encourage children and young adults at an early age that trustworthiness, honesty and integrity grows from fair play is to me invaluable. For me an open and transparent discussion is key to avoid situations and to ensure a good relationship in the long-run.” saysManfred Maierhofer, Sales Director Capital Sales, Europe and MEA.

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