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Winter Olympics blacked out in Cayman Islands

By Georgina Wilcox

Randy Merren, of Hurley’s Media, who owns CITN/Cayman27 issued a statement last Friday saying, “It has come to our attention that Logic have been broadcasting the Winter Olympics illegally, after being advised that any channel carrying the Winter Olympics must be ‘blacked out’ to align with the details of the exclusivity contract awarded to Hurley’s TV.”

An advisory of exclusive broadcast rights were issued by IMC to all media companies in the Caribbean back in November 2017 stating “the only authorized broadcast channel in the Cayman Islands is Cayman 27.”

Viewers in the Cayman Islands found this notice on a number of the channels they subscribe to on Logic:

“This channel has been blacked out due to regional rights restrictions.

“For Winter Olympics coverage, please tune to Cayman27.”

It is noticeable, however, that the sound tracking on Cayman27’s coverage is often inaudible because the commentator’s voice is far lower than the real live audio that should be in the background.

A solution that is an easy fix, because it is broadcast on two separate channels. It shows, therefore, that Mr. Merren is not paying the attention he should to what Cayman27 is sending out.

IMAGE: Randy Merren C3 Fiber


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