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Why not camping before sailing?

Heading off on an adventure on the open ocean with a top cruise line is a special vacation experience. Being able to explore a whole bunch of exotic destinations from the comfort of a luxury stateroom, and travel the world in style with all the amenities you could want on hand, plus fine dining and quality entertainment is really hard to beat.

But it is true that a cruise can sometimes feel a little too luxurious. While there’s plenty of adventure to be had on a cruise, some people do find they crave an additional experience that’s a little more rugged, a little more DIY.

So if you are considering where to stay before you depart for your cruise itinerary to paradise islands and glorious golden beaches, why not think about incorporating a spot of camping into your vacation? A night or two under canvas is a great amuse-bouche for a cruise vacation – read on to find out why!

It’s a great contrast

A camping trip is a wonderful contrast to a cruise vacation, offering a completely new set of experiences, and therefore makes for a great addition and compliment to the more elegant, sophisticated stylings of life on board ship. On a cruise, almost everything is taken care of for you, with regular stateroom cleanings, all-inclusive food and drink, and all the amenities you could want at hand. On a camping trip, on the other hand, you’ll likely be roughing it a little – cooking your own food, pitching your own tent, and generally getting stuck in, surrounded by the great outdoors. This is a perfect way to start your vacation, particularly as the luxury surrounds of a cruise ship give you a little respite from the more rugged setting of a campsite!

Two vacations in one

What’s better than a vacation? TWO vacations! Adding a camping trip to your cruise vacation, even if it is only for a couple of days, gives you the sensation of getting two trips for the price and time of one. You’ll almost always need to stay somewhere before you depart on a cruise, so why not take advantage of that time with another, different vacation experience that gives you double the fun?

Great for families

Cruises are often popular with families, thanks to their all-inclusive, ‘everything done for you’ nature. But a camping trip is also a great way to spend time together as a family, and the combination is a total winner! Let your kids let off steam with a few nights of camping fun, then decamp to the comfort and luxury of a cruise before they get bored or moody about the lack of hot water!

You can camp in great locations

A cruise will take you to some truly spectacular exotic destinations, and a camping trip also gives you the chance to explore exciting, unique locations, with a slightly different emphasis. On your cruise, you’ll tend to visit vibrant cities and famous attractions, while your campsite will most likely be in a more remote setting, surrounded by nature, and with spectacular views. 

Added adventure

Best of all, a pre-cruise camping trip adds a whole new level of adventure to your vacation. You’ll get all the excitement of exploring the backcountry, making smores over a campfire, and roughing it in the woods, before heading off on a completely different style of journey, across the Seven Seas!

When it comes to pre-cruise accommodation options, a camping trip is an unusual but brilliant choice. It gives you the feeling of having two vacations in one, and really is the cherry on top of a fantastic cruise adventure!


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