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Why invest in corporate video production? 7 key advantages

There has never been a more exciting time to invest in corporate video production. Whether your audience is internal or external, video offers unique opportunities like no other medium on the market. If this is something your business has never considered, remember that a world of untapped advantages lie on the other side.

When a strong storyline is combined with powerful messaging and equally captivating visuals, the result can quickly separate a company from its competition. 

1. Create Compelling Stories

Nothing conveys a story like video. For example, there is good reason why companies like YouTube and Netflix have become a part of the fabric of society. Video production can capture the imagination of your employees, potential customers and corporate partners alike. 

Your video’s storyline could originate internally, from the production company, or a combination of both. Unlike TV and radio spots, these productions are not bound to the regular 30 or 60 second limitations. This naturally opens a wide array of opportunities to tell your company’s one-of-a-kind tale. 

2. Rank Higher in SEO

Google is another company that favours the visual medium. Across the board, videos naturally rate higher than other media in Google’s all important search rankings. Videos with high production quality, the right tags and the right descriptions will be presented to more eyes and ears. Adding written transcriptions for the video’s audio is also another method to boost views and exposure. 

Of course, this all depends on the motivation behind your video production. The SEO benefits are primarily relevant to productions aimed at the customer or client side. However, they may also be designed for your website and in this case, SEO comes back into the equation.

3. Excel on Social Media

Rolling right on from our SEO focus, social media is not only an area where videos thrive, but also a field where they are treated preferentially to other types of posts. The algorithms of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and more will push compelling video content to the top of a user’s feed. Paid marketing boosts can also be applied to attract a targeted audience, location and demographic.

Video production companies also bring a unique level of social media expertise to the table. If your company feels out of their depth, this extra level of assistance may be invaluable. Directors and seasoned videographers will be able to offer unique insights as to what works on social media and what doesn’t. 

4. Generate Effective CTAs (Calls to Action)

Strong call-to-actions are a hallmark of marketing campaigns and content. Whether they capture attention initially or drive home an important part in your finale, a CTA with both audio and visual elements is sure to influence your audience. 

In this context, the power and effectiveness of the voiceover is key. A high-quality voiceover will not only draw attention, but also direct the viewer straight to your website, service or current initiative. Once again, this an area of focus and expertise for corporate video production companies. Well executed CTAs may be the difference between being ignored or attracting a raft of new customers. 

5. Revamp Training & Internal Messaging

Not every corporate video production is designed for external marketing. A lion’s share of the content you create will be used exclusively for internal means and channels. Videos in this realm are typically for the purpose of employee training, upskilling and induction. Due to the growing prevalence of work-from-home/remote arrangements, virtual communication and training has never been this important.

This approach also works well for any company in the industries of education, teaching and training. Investing in corporate video services can be a viable means to create high-quality contact for your students or clientele. 

6. Showcase Customer Testimonials

Customer and client testimonials are an excellent way to promote your business and your key services. Testimonials allow other prospective customers to gain a real and tangible example of what you do and how it benefits others. In this sense, video reviews plant a clear picture of who you are, what you do and most importantly, what you offer to clients.

While written testimonials are still an effective tool, visuals can create a clear picture in the minds of your intended audience. Videos made with high production value illustrate your services in a way that is tangible to potential customers and business partners.

7. A Different Approach 

Sometimes, the biggest returns arise from stepping out of your comfort zone and trying something completely new. Venturing into the world of corporate video production is no different. By partnering with experts in the visual field, you can quickly elevate the content you create. 

Of course, corporate video production does not have to be your sole strategy, but it can be the perfect once off experience or complementary piece to your other content. As we have noted, this change in approach could relate to videos for external or internal purposes. 

Connect with a Video Production Company

Experienced corporate video production companies not only shoot and edit the videos, but also offer a range of strategic services for each client. Video production typically extends to everything from corporate training to testimonials, inductions, advertisements, ELearning, and more. 

Some Australian based companies also offer free consultations. During this phase, your needs, strategy, budget, vision and purpose will all be key points of discussion. All of these factors are all best discussed openly from the beginning to ensure that no extra costs or hidden fees occur after the fact. 

Finding the Right Production Company 

As this is a growing industry, the number of video production companies has exploded over recent years. This has been enabled by the ongoing advancements in production technology and equipment. However, only some possess a proven track record with trusted and recognised businesses. 

Before entering into a deal with your production company, ensure that you check out their previous work, read reviews, read testimonials and verify their specific range of services. This additional effort and care will ultimately pay dividends in the long run. 


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