April 8, 2020

Why choosing the right countertop material is so important


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So, you have make the decision to add a new countertop in the kitchen. In retrospect, the decision was not that difficult of a decision to make. After all, you will increase the value of your home by installing a kitchen countertop. In addition, the brand new kitchen countertop will increase the amount of space you have for cooking delicious meals, as well as add more seats for entertaining guests.

The real question is not whether you should install a new kitchen countertop, but what type of material you should select to maximize the benefits of adding a countertop in the kitchen.

Let’s take a look at why choosing the right countertop material is so important. Then, we will provide a summary of three popular kitchen countertop materials.

The Importance of Selecting the Right Countertop Material

Although it appears wise to place more emphasis on one or two factors for determining the right material for a kitchen countertop, it is more prudent to factor in every possible reason for choosing the right material. For example, you should avoid opting for a kitchen countertop material solely because of the price per square foot of the countertop material.

We recommend considering the following six factors to help you learn why choosing the right countertop material is so important.


When you consider installing a kitchen countertop, you are making a decision to add a kitchen area that should last for decades. This means choosing a countertop material must be partially about how you plan to use the new kitchen countertop. Will the new countertop act as a secondary area for preparing and cooking delicious meals? Will it be used mostly as a storage area for all of your kitchen gadgets? Do you want to make the new countertop the center of attention for entertaining guests? Knowing how you will use the new countertop goes a long way towards helping you decide on the right material.

Long Lasting Durability

This kind of goes hand in hand with functionality. If you plan to do a lot of dicing, slicing, and chopping, then choosing the right countertop material based on durability is important. You will want a countertop material that resists the damage caused by dents and scratches. Strong impacts should be absorbed and the countertop material should be able to withstand prolonged exposure to high heat and damp conditions.

Looks Matter

Let’s face it. You are not adding a kitchen countertop just to enhance the functionality of the kitchen. You also want to build a kitchen countertop that enhances the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. Although it is relatively easy to place a value on how improve functionality increases the value of your home, it is much more difficult to assign a dollar amount to enhanced kitchen aesthetics. Nonetheless, building a beautiful new kitchen countertop is an important part of any home improvement project.


Choosing the right countertop material is so important because it determines whether you remain within the kitchen remodel budget. Every home improvement project requires prioritizing different tasks, from installing insulation in the attic to repairing a gaping hole in the garage. Prioritizing a home improvement project involves deciding which tasks are the most critical, as well as listing each task by cost. You have to choose a kitchen countertop material that fits within your home improvement budget.

Increase in Home Value

The ultimate goal of installing a kitchen countertop should be to enjoy an increase in the value of your home. As we mentioned, a new kitchen countertop adds value to your home by improving the appearance of the kitchen, as well as making your kitchen a much more functional place to cook and entertain guests. However, if you select the wrong kitchen countertop material, you might sacrifice home value by diminishing the visual appeal of the kitchen and/or decreasing the functionality of the highest traffic area of your home.

3 Popular Countertop Materials

You have two broad categories to when it comes to choosing the right kitchen countertop material: Natural stone and engineered stone. We present two popular countertop materials from the natural stone category and one countertop material option from the engineered stone category.


Considered by many home décor experts to be the most elegant appearing natural stone, marble can turn an ordinary kitchen into a sleek room that impresses guests with its aesthetic appeal. Soft and mostly porous, the natural stone quickly absorbs liquids, such as red wine and vinegar oil. Stunningly beautiful patterns allow you to change how your kitchen looks. As a softer stone, marble can be susceptible to the damage caused by extremely strong impacts.

Marble ranks at the higher end of countertop materials in terms of cost. A square foot of a marble slab averages around $60. However, the natural stone can sell for as low as $40 per square foot and as high as a little more than $100 a square foot.


Constructed with 93% quartz particles and seven percent binding polymer resins, quartz is the right kitchen countertop material for absorbing strong impacts. If you plan to use the new countertop as the primary food prep area, then you cannot go wrong with making quartz the right material. Quartz is a difficult countertop material to chip, as well as dent and scratch. Since it is engineered, quartz is easy to customize to ensure it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the kitchen décor. Price per square foot for quartz tends to be a bit higher than most other types of countertop materials.


Highly durable granite withstands virtually every type of kitchen activity, from cooking food on high heat to pounding chicken breasts into thinner pieces. Although granite possesses a specific appearance in terms of its exterior shape, the natural stone offers a wide variety and patterns to deliver the ultimate in kitchen décor flexibility. Granite’s high PSI rating means it is impervious to the damage caused by water. You do not need to seal granite, as its surface is not porous enough warrant adhering to a regular sealing schedule.

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