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Why auditing firms are failing children

January 7, 2024News Digest
Child slavery
Private auditing firms have a common blind spot: child laborIn recent years, major U.S. corporations have assured ethical labor practices within their supply chains through private social compliance audits. However, a revealing investigation exposes that an $80 billion industry that hinges on these inspections overlooks an important variable: child labor. Read more…Take actionForced labor Is China boasting about an increase in Ugyhur forced labor?Despite ongoing concerns of forced labor in the Uyghur Region, China boasts about not just ongoing labor schemes but also 456,000 new jobs over the first 10 months of 2023. Adding insult to injury, Chinese authorities say this is proof of a “happy and harmonious” Uyghur society. Read more…Take actionForced laborMigrant workers in Canada fighting back against “racist” policiesPolicies adopted in 1960s Canada and still in place today are being challenged in court by seasonal agricultural workers, arguing that they are racist as they facilitate the exploitation of migrants. Plaintiffs say that these outdated policies enable employers to tie workers to them, deny their benefits, commit abuse, exploitation and report having their freedom of movement restricted – all indicators of forced labor. Read more…Take actionSupply chain NHS suppliers at “high risk” of modern slavery useRead moreForced laborForced labor at sea “running wild” due to lax European lawsRead more 

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