December 5, 2020


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Have you studied the White Paper all of you?

‘Cause they’re giving us Overseas Territories quite a review,

First presented to the UK parliament in March ’99

Checking out us territories is taking a lot of time.

Making sure we run our affairs to the greatest degree

Maintaining high standards of governing based on democracy,

High standards of justice and freedom of speech for all

And British citizenship will be automatic whenever they call.

We may, of course, refuse this offer, it’s for us to decide

We’ll just remain O.T. citizens and by the same laws abide.

Our constitutional relationship with the UK will not at all be threatened.

In fact, I think, with the grant of UK citizenship our ties will be strengthened.

And what about other issues facing us in Cayman?

Do we face them boldly or bury our heads in the sand?

The Homosexual Act, for instance, a lot of us despise –

Such acts between consenting adults in private we should legalise.

So much for the White Paper and the whole review,

I hope the select committee will hear from me and you.

Some of it, I know, is beyond our comprehension

So we’ll trust the powers that be to end our tension.




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