January 23, 2022

When is my brother’s funeral? – Does anyone know?

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By Dennis Adonis From Guyana Guardian
Guyana Guardian – The three surviving sisters of the now-dead Millionaire author and Noble Laureate Sir V.S Naipaul is pleading with the dead man’s wife of 20 years, Lady Nadira Naipaul to speak to them so that they can know when their brother will be buried in England.

To make matters worse, the sisters are claiming that Sir Naipaul never believed in funerals, in so much that he did not hold any for his first wife, who was buried without the attendance of any family or friends.

They are now wondering whether the internationally acclaimed author had requested the same for himself, which will mean that he would simply be buried with no one but his current wife in attendance.

The three elderly women are now grieving, since no one has spoken to them about a funeral, dashing their hopes of ever seeing the remains of their dearly departed brother for one last time.

So desperate are the family members, they are forced to rely on the news or any information from the public, hoping that someone can come forward and let them know whether they may be able to witness their brother’s burial.

Even if there is a funeral, they would not be able to attend without an invitation, since funerals in England, especially those involving prominent people, require that you present an invitation before you can attend the funeral proceedings.

Backing up the women story, the Trinidad Newsday (see this LINK) has reported that Sir Naipaul’s sisters 80-year-old Savi, 66-year-old Naline, and Mira, age 82, are living between Trinidad, the United States, and Scotland.

They last saw their brother in April, when they attended a birthday celebration in England with him.

One of the sisters, in the same Newsday report, said that her sister-in-law has stopped calling them, and had not replied to an email that she had sent to her.

The woman said that when she left her brother the last time in England, she overheard him asking his wife when would be able to see his sisters again.

That was the last time she heard his voice.

The woman says that the family’s only request at this time is to attend the funeral of their brother.

Sir Naipaul, one of the greatest authors of all time, died in England 2 days ago (Sunday), at age 85.

For more on this story go to; https://www.guyanaguardian.com/when-is-my-brothers-funeral-does-anyone-know/

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