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When is enough – ENOUGH?

How many more murders have to be committed before YOU come forward and save your loved one from becoming another victim of this Island’s days of HELL? Don’t you care? Is there nothing but ICE in your cold, cold heart? How do you sleep at night knowing you could have done something? How can you sleep at night knowing you CAN do something? TELL the police. Use the anonymous hot line TIPS. It really IS anonymous. There has been no evidence to suggest otherwise.

I wrote yesterday (20) about the anguish and grief of the family and friends of the murdered victims. Loved ones fainting. Others openly weeping. Last night, only an hour after hearing about the latest shootings, this time in George Town, I received a call from my priest. One of the victims, the teenager found shot dead at the scene, is known to me. His family attends my church. He attended my church. MY PRIEST could hardly contain himself with the shock and the emotion in his voice betrayed his feelings. He wanted to know if I had any details as to what had happened? The family had called him earlier. They needed spiritual help. Can you imagine the scene my priest had to witness? How can you come up with the right words to comfort the murdered lad’s family? HIS PARENTS. They are not a crime-ridden family. They don’t harbour criminals. They are a family like you and me. ME. And it has touched me. I know the victim. I know the family. Did they know their son was a member of a gang? Did they suspect? I don’t know – only they do. They have to live with their sorrow, forever. I pray they were ignorant of it. The RCIPS have confirmed he was not an innocent in the wrong place at the wrong time. He was a member of a gang and he was one of the intended victims. You might know the next young life that is murdered on our streets. Because, unless people come forward with information, that will surely happen. The tentacles of grief spread and they will reach out to you. TELL THE POLICE WHAT YOU KNOW! I BEG YOU!

Anyone who says (and by the blogs there are a lot of you), let the gangs ‘just kill each other,’ may I remind you about history and the wreckage that follows in the wake of gang warfare. Innocent people get caught in the crossfire. Remember the gangs roaming the streets of Chicago, New York, Miami and closer to home, Jamaica? How do you stop revenge? Generation after generation remembers, revenge festers like poison and it spreads like cancer. It permeates into our Society and it will live within us forever. So we have to be a surgeon and cut it out from its roots before it gets worse. If you suspect you might have cancer you go to the doctor. He diagnoses you and you go into hospital to be cured. If you have left it too late you know the result.

Is it too late for us? NO IT ISN’T! But time IS running out. The Gang Members like to show off. The evidence is there to be seen from their Facebook pages. Some even appear smirking with a gun. “Look at me. With a gun I’m invincible.” If you are one of their ‘friends’ be a really good friend and come forward. INFORM THE POLICE. No matter how trivial you might think it is. Even just one penny can become a million. Does being a ‘friend’ of the gangs make you feel ‘big’ like they do? Does it excite you? Take a look at the photos of the bloodied, lifeless wreck of your ‘friend’ as he lies in a pool of blood. Take a look at a photograph of another ‘friend’ who is airlifted to a hospital in another country shot full of holes. Were you there to hear his screams? How does that make you feel now? Are you still excited? Do you still want to be one of their ‘friends’?

I have to ask this question again and I will keep asking the same question. When are you going to come forward and INFORM?

When is enough, ENOUGH?


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