August 10, 2020

What are the benefits and drawback of Progressive Glasses?


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Progressive glasses or varifocal glasses are one and the same kind of eyeglasses that facilitate the user to wear one pair of eyeglasses irrespective of having more than two eyesight disorders.  We all know that lenses carry prescription and that they can be either convex or concave to correct the eyesight disorders. However, Progressive Glasses are an advanced version of eyeglasses which possesses not one but more than one prescription strength in the eyeglasses.

What are Progressive Glasses?

As the name suggests, progressive Glasses are the glasses that move smoothly or progress from one prescription power to the other. To simply this, it is imperative to understand that varifocal glasses have three different prescription zones. The upper part of the lens is responsible to cure eyesight disorder pertaining to the distance view wherein the user suffers from nearsightedness. On the other hand, the lower part of the glasses lenses is responsible for correcting farsightedness and act as reading glasses to enable the user to read, do needle-work etc. Whereas, the middle part is responsible for correcting the intermediate vision disorder, through which user can clearly view laptop, computer etc.

What are the benefits of using Progressive Glasses?

When it comes to counting the benefits of Progressive Glasses, only the user who has used these glasses can better describe the benefits. However, the following are some of the major benefits that can be obtained from the varifocal glasses:

1) Progressive Glasses provide more than three prescriptions in one single lens, therefore, the user is saved from buying two different eyeglasses separately, i.e. reading and distance glasses.

2) The user is saved from the hassle of switching between the distance glasses lens and reading glasses at a time. Instead, only one pair of eyeglasses is enough to solve the issue.

3) Varifocal glasses, therefore, save the cost of the user because the user invests only in one pair of eyeglasses and not two.

4) When we compare Progressive Glasses with Bifocal Glasses, it should be noted that the bifocal glasses have a visible line that distinguishes the upper part (distant view) and the lower part (reading view). Whereas, this is not the case with Progressive Glasses as there is no visible line in the lens. However, the user progresses from different prescription powers smoothly.

5) In fact, it is not wrong to say that it saves time as well as the user is free from the frustration of carrying two different pairs of eyeglasses with them.

Will I face any issues while using Progressive Glasses?

The users of Progressive Glasses usually report that they feel little uneasiness in using these glasses for the initial 15 – 30 days. This is due to the new pair of varifocals being used for the first time users who are not used to view different prescription from one single lens. However, this issue is resolved by the following tricks and tips:

  • Using the new pair of Progressive Glasses regularly.
  • Not switching back to the old pair of eyeglasses.
  • Using the right prescription Progressive Glasses

In case the user still faces any issues in using Prescription Glasses, then it is advised to visit the Optometrist or the Optical Store once.

Where can i buy Progressive Glasses online in the UK?

You can buy one of the best Progressive Glasses in the UK from Specscart either from their Walkden or Bury store or go online and explore the massive collection of eyeglasses that suits not only your eyes but also your pocket. Specscart manufactures the best eyeglasses in the UK with free anti-UV, anti-glare, anti-scratch and shock-resistance properties. When you buy Progressive Glasses from Specscart, rest assure you are going to get the best visual experience as well as protection to the eyes. While refraction disorders are corrected you also get to see the whole new world from one single glasses lens. Moreover, you can order from home to expect delivery at your doorstep. Buy your first ever or new pair of Progressive Glasses from Specscart and face the difference and better 30% enhance vision clarity. 

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